Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Using Singularity Effectively

Singularity is a glorified version of pull. In fact you can either set it up to be very similar to pull or you can make it effective at pulling enemies out of combat for a little while. The only difference between pull and singularity is that pull has a slightly faster recharge time and singularity can explode at the end of its duration.

Leveling Singularity

You have a choice to make between making singularity a tool for biotic explosions or being effective at taking care of enemies with guns and power damage. Biotic explosions, however, are very effective at taking care of enemies so if you have a class that has a biotic power that can set off biotic explosions the latter is pointless.

The fourth rank offers the choice between a 25% increase in the effective radius and a 30% power duration buff which includes that more enemies can be lifted in the duration of the power. If you want to set off biotic explosions the power shouldn’t be active for longer than it takes for singularity to recharge which is around 1.5 seconds. Thus the radius increase is the better choice. But if you want to use singularity to make it easier to kill enemies with guns the increased time makes it easier to shoot enemies and also means they get damaged more. The fact that other enemies can be lfited up is another useful bonus.

The next rank offers a shortened recharge time or that singularity does 20 damage per second to lifted targets. As usual the recharge time is pointless. It only offers a 5% decrease which in the end means around 100 ms which is less than your reaction time. The damage over time is more useful even if you want to use biotic explosions because the more damage the better.

The last rank offers a 35% expansion of singularity over 10 seconds or hat singularity explodes at the end dealing 300 damage over 5 meters. Neither of these are useful if you are going for biotic explosions because the explosions doesn’t happen if you end singularity early by either casting another one or ending it with a biotic explosions so save the points for another ability. The expansion is only useful for the first 1.5 seconds in which it doesn’t actaully grow very much.

I was actually confused by the expansions because firstly the power is only supposed to last for 3.6 seconds and secondly why does it matter if it expands? Now, it turns out that the expansions means that singularity sucks in enemies with a larger radius if you go for that buff, but I’m not sure how that would help if you didn’t go for the upgrade that would lift more enemies in the fourth rank. The duration of the power stands for how long the power will be effective on an enemy rather than how long singularity will stay around. What that means is that enemies drop out of singularity even if the power hasn’t disappeared after the duration of singulairty.

Singularity Combat Strategies

Singularity is an aggressive power, but it is a support power. It isn’t very useful on its own, but in combination with shooting or other biotic powers it can be very good.

If you want to use a gun be sure to go from cover to cover. Use singularity as often as possible, but remember even though singularity will stay around for around 10 seconds it will only be effective against one enemy for 3.6 seconds, so shoot the enemies that were lifted first, first.

If you want to create biotic explosions singularity usually has to be used first, even if you want to use warp to set off the biotic explosion. If you use singularity on a warped enemy they won’t explode.

Always remember that singularity is a passive power and that you have to take it slowly, especially if you are playing on the silver or gold challenge in multiplayer or on insanity in singleplayer.

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