Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Human Adept Spotlight

The human adept is probably the weakest of all the adepts. The humans have warp, which is very useful, but the alternate abilities are singularity and shockwave, both of which aren’t very good. The advantage that these do pose is that either can set off a biotic explosion with any other if you set them off in a certain order and the powers are effective against anything you can face.

Leveling the Human Adept

As usual you have a choice to make between being effective against any enemy or being effective a particular kind of enemy, namely enemies with only health or armor. This portion is much more powerful than being effective against anyone, but you are virtually useless if you face somebody with a shield or barrier. If you want to be versatile level shockwave and warp. Otherwise singularity and warp will do the trick. I don’t recommend using singularity and schockwave together because either of them are only really useful for biotic explosions which are hard to achieve due to the limited range of shockwave.

Warp is a very general skill and thus I have written a full guide explaining how to use it effectively. You can find that post here. It should be a part of any class that offers it as a class ability because it is so powerful in a variety of circumstances.

Shockwave is powerful versus groups of enemies, but it is hard to aim and has limited range. I have written a very comprehensive guide explaining all the ins and outs of shockwave which you can find here. The article comes to the conclusion that you shouldn’t use shockwave with an passive class, which the human adept very much is. As an adept you support the team in taking out stronger enemies, taking care of shields and providing the means for biotic explosions for other squat members. In essence you are there to make sure that the main slayer has an easy time.

I have also written a guide for leveling and using sinhularity here. I recommend you use warp and singularity to set off biotic explosions. Singularity is actually very versatile in that it also assists you if you use weapons, but without a doubt for the human adept biotic explosions are better.

Human Adept Combat Strategies

The human adept is a support class. The combination of warp and a vanguard charging around is probably the best combination of biotic powers possible.

The main way that you can kill is using singularity and then warp on enemies which causes biotic explosions. Beware though that singularity only works on enemies without shields. This actually means that the human adept isn’t very useful on its own if an enemy has shields. You can use warp and shockwave, even on enemies that have shields, barriers or armor, to set off a biotic explosions, but shockwave is very difficult to use for the human adept since it is an aggressive power.

Stay with your team and always watch that your team has an escape route if you get overwhelmed. Your only effective power against boss enemies is warp and shockwave if they get close. Warp is most effective on armor but can be used to set off biotic explosions even on shields, barriers and health. Keep this in mind when you choose whether you want to take out a boss or the weaker targets around it.

Overall the human adept isn’t very useful. I found that when I was using it the team was even struggling with the bronze challenge. I don’t know whether that was because I can’t use the human adept very well or because the human adept sucks (probably a mixture of both) but I didn’t have very much fun with it. The asari and drell adept are much more fun, in fact I have written guides for both of them:

Asari Adept

Drell Adept

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2 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Human Adept Spotlight

  1. James Baker says:

    I recommend the following power/weapon build for the human adept by level 20:
    -reduce cooldown for blackhole, warp, and shockwave as much as possible
    -increase detonation damage/force for warp and shockwave above
    -extend the range of shockwave and upgrade it to lift targets
    -expand the radius of blackhole and increase the number of targets you lift
    -make sure the weapon you equip gives you a power speed is 200%

    Your now a rapid fire mobile artillery platform with no equal in the game. Never stand out in the open and try to keep distance between you and the enemy.

    Exploit the following in your tactics:
    -the splash damage power of detonations
    -the ability to shoot through walls with shockwave
    -using black hole defensively to seal of chock point (i.e doorways) approaches on your flanks and then detonate if you see some one walk into it

    My favorite combo to clear an area of a blob of enemies is:
    -black hole the guys towards the back of the blob who have no shields/armor
    -warp the guy with shields/armor in the blob
    -shockwave the warped guy to detonate (preferably through cover or a wall so your not exposed)

    It’s pretty much a small tactical nuke :)

  2. Nabil says:

    I also found the human adept to be difficult. Part of the frustration is that at low levels the human adept is particularly useless. The way I leveled mine was fully trained warp, shockwave, and alliance training, all but the last level of singularity, and 3 levels of fitness. Once you get your powers leveled the class becomes a lot more fun. The key to human adept is being able to pick targets. With this class I have been able to carry a team through bronze fairly easily as the main dps. While weak against shields its important to realize if a shielded enemy has weak underlings around him if so its just a matter of using singularity on them and then activating biotic explosion to take out the shields of the other character. As far as bosses go its fairly simple to take out atlas/banshee/brute/ravager on your own as long as you are aware of your surroundings and can quickly dodge from cover to cover. The trick is maintaining the correct distance to still be able to shockwave your target and detonate warp while dodging. Its also important to remember that you can shockwave THROUGH cover and most walls to get at a tough opponent.

    Sorry for the long comments. I hope you or someone else finds them useful!

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