Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Finishing the Cerberus Gold Challenge

Cerberus is the easiest gold challenge to complete. Often time Geth are attributed to be the easiest, and that is true on the bronze and silver challenge, but on gold they can overwhelm even the best team. Cerberus is easier because most biotic powers are in some way effective against them.

For any gold challenge you need good teammates. If you are using the inbuilt match making system you usually end up with fairly bad players. You probably will never finish the gold challenge with random teammates unless you are incredibly good or come across some good randoms.

First follow the guide I wrote about carrying your team. You can find it here. I also suggest that you only try the gold challenge once you have ranked your class all the way because the power buffs are very important for the gold challenge. Also the more missiles and self revives etc you have per mission the easier it makes the gold challenge. These come with buying upgrade packs.

Effective Classes Against Cerberus

The vanguard shines against Cerberus. None of the enemies except the Atlas stagger you. This means that you can charge anything except for the largest groups of enemies. I usually like to wait a minute or so to let them thin out a little and shoot them with my pistol from behind cover. After that you can safely start charging around. Be sure to note the position of turrets because you will die if you charge them. Be sure to kill any combat engineers you come across. You want to direct your nova towards cover which you can use in that final instant that charge isn’t ready in after nova. You can also barrel roll around a corner to avoid fire. Don’t charge bunched up groups of enemies because they will down you in that instant that charge isn’t ready. And nothing but an infiltrator will be able to revive you. Also, don’t charge Atlases. They can stagger you and instantly kill you. Let your teammates take care of them

Overload is very good against Cerberus. Only the Atlas has armor so it will either damage shields and barriers or stagger enemies which allows you to kill them with pistols without having to worry about them shooting you. You can find a comprehensive guide for using overload here.

Sniper rifles are also very powerful because Cerberus tends to have slow moving enemies.  You can find a guide about the effective use of sniper rifles here. You can also shoot guardians easily through the slot in their riot shield. You need an infiltrator to take care of the multiple part objectives and to revive downed teammates. The cloak recharge time is short enough that using a heavy weapon isn’t going to impact your effective use of the cloak. The best infiltrator is the salarian infiltrator because he has a proximity mine which is very useful in all sorts of situations because it is a power rather than a grenade so you have an unlimited supply of the mines. You can find a class spotlight for the salarian infiltrator here.

Cerberus Gold Challenge Combat Tactics

What will kill your team is if an Atlas gets near the main body of you squad or if you get overwhelmed by phantoms which can instantly kill you and usually down you quickly if they get close to you. Their attack also staggers you. Turrets are also very deadly.

The vanguard can easily take care of any number of phantoms. Charge and nova staggers them and lets you charge about a group of phantoms indefinitely. As a vanguard be sure to take care of the stronger enemies and large groups of enemies so that they can’t push your squad around the map.

The engineer is perfect for taking out turrets. However, before focusing on the turrets be sure to kill the engineers. They will repair turrets and Atlases if they are close to them and they have a seemingly infinite supply of more annoying turrets.

The Atlas is best taken care of by either using warp and any other biotic power if you are playing as an adept. You should always have an adept supporting the vanguard because if you put warp on one enemy in a group the vanguard is charging it charge and nova will trigger biotic explosions which can kill lots of enemies very quickly. The best adept is the drell adept. Either pull or reave will set off biotic explosions. Reave also works on Atlases. You can find a full guide for the drell adept here.

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6 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Finishing the Cerberus Gold Challenge

  1. jay says:

    well i think geth are easyer on gold cause on cerberus phantoms and gun turrets get on my nerves reapers are hardest on gold cause banshees

  2. says:

    I have a question: when we talk about biotic combos..every biotic power has a “increas force and damage of biotic combo” option. What I’m interested is if you spam let’s say warp and detonate with throw, wich power does that “damage and force bonus” the one that charges the target or the one that detonates or do they stack?

    • They stack. Biotic combos can be a lot of things like tech explosions, its actually important to take note of whether it says “combo” explosions or “biotic” explosions.

  3. mtbizzle says:

    Just gotta say, re: your comment about the Geth being able to overwhelm even the best squads. Perhaps Cerberus is easier if you take the correct approach, but Geth can be pretty darn easy if you have a squad that knows what they’re doing. And i’m not trying to be arrogant by saying that “oh the Geth are easy, anyone that thinks they’re somewhat difficult is just a noob.” Far from it, I’m level 86. But with Salarian engineers/infiltrators and/or quarian infiltrators rightly leveled and playing in an organized fashion, the geth have no chance. I played 8 Geth gold rounds today (various maps) and we never lost.
    But anyway, thanks for all of your write-ups! They are helpful.

  4. Gavin Jeffes says:

    Good guide, if a little sparse on details.

    In my experience, Cerberus is most easily beaten by a team of 3 biotic players detonating one another’s abilities, and one infiltrator doing objectives and providing cover fire during hack missions. A salarian infiltrator with a max damage energy drain coupled with a high-level raptor sniper rifle seems to work the best. It has a good rate of fire, which lets a decent player get 5-9 shots out before the tactical cloak damage bonus expires.

    As for biotic classes, the drell adept has reave, which is a must. It can prime multiple enemies for a detonation, as well as detonate warp. Turian sentinels are excellent too, as long as you use a reset powers card to get rid of tech armor. Chain overload is arguably the best crowd control ability in the game, and warp leveled to detonate, expose, and recharge works wonders with help from the drell and the last class in the group, the asari vanguard. The asari vanguard still has biotic charge, which allows it to be an excellent team player and also detonate Biotics, and it has stasis. Stasis bubble is by far the easiest way to deal with phantoms, guardians, combat engineers, and nemeses. It sets them up for easy headshots or biotic detonations, which will spread the stasis ability to all surrounding enemies for a short duration.

    With this class combo and a fairly skilled and cohesive team, Cerberus feels almost comically easy compared to the other two factions.

  5. Mary Paine says:

    The Salarian infiltrator is great because of his energy drain, but proximity mine is a double-edged sword. First off, you can’t level it up unless you’re going to cut one of the passive trees (you can’t skip cloak or energy drain), which seriously hurts on Gold. The real problem, though, is that recharge abilities like proximity mine can’t be used to reload glitch effectively. If you don’t want to exploit the reload glitch, fine, but it SERIOUSLY impacts your performance as a infiltrator. You should be using a widow or black widow, which means you’re going to be reloading a lot, so reload cancelling provides a huge fire rate increase.

    Using a human or Quarian infiltrator gives you a grenade which you can use or ignore, your choice, but in either case it gives you the ability to reload cancel effectively by keeping your grenade count at zero and tapping the grenade key right after you load the next round/clip. This still doesn’t make the Human or Quarian infiltrator better than the Salarian, but the reason is Energy Drain and the survivability it affords you, not proximity mine, which basically cancels itself out. It’s a decent ability just taken on its own merits, but it costs you the ability to reload cancel AND it forces you to drop a passive ability to invest heavily in it. Not a good trade.

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