Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Curing the Genophage


The krogans want the genopahge cured before they will help the turians who in turn will then help with the war. Shepard is to help mordin deploy the cure. The only problem is that there is a reaper in the way. You have the option to sabotage the cure which means that you gain the salarians support as well as the turians and krogans. It is the best option in terms of war assets, but it is sad to see the thankfulness of the krogans when you haven’t really helped them.

I play as an adept. I chose Liara and EDI as my squad for this mission.

First Husk Fight

This fight is actually very easy. Kill the husks close to you first. They spawn on the left and right side of the arena. Use pull and throw to kill them instantly with biotic explosions.

The game broke for me once when the cut scene wouldn’t start after I had killed all the husks. If that happens to you just reload from the last auto save. The fight is fairly easy so it shouldn’t take long to redo.


At the end of the cut scene the road is blocked. When you are outside be sure to look around for loot, I found a lot of it. I found two medi kits, a new gun and 3 upgrades. You can also talk to some people. Only talk to the krogan scout who is standing near the broken road when you are ready to continue with the mission. You can still pick up the loot afterwards, but you won’t be able to talk to the krogan soldier.

Once you get into the cave system there are 3 wall paintings. You get around 8 000 credits for salvaging each of them.

Fighting Outside

There are several fights out here in the temple region. There are 4 types of enemies that spawn: husks, cannibals, ravagers and brutes. You will have to take care of the husks first because they will swarm you and cause you to get out of your cover. Cannibals aren’t as important so I usually leave them to last unless they are being offensive. Basically if they get near you take care of them. Use the pull and throw combination to kill them instantly with a biotic explosion. The same goes for the husks.

Ravagers are a little harder to kill. Be sure not to get hit by them because one hit takes you shield and the next kills you. They always shoot three bursts and then have a pause. Use warp and then throw to cause biotic explosions. Be sure to use Liara’s warp as much as possible to kill them faster, but it is on a 10 second cool down. Ravagers usually die on the third biotic explosion.

Whenever you are facing brutes you have to kill them first. They will be very aggressive and once they get near you they take your shield in one hit and kill you shortly after. They will also stagger you out of cover and let the cannibals and ravagers shoot you. You can use warp and throw just like the ravagers to kill them. They usually die on the second or third biotic explosion. The biotic explosion does area damage so use Liara’s warp right when all the enemies are bunched up around the brute. Use throw and you will often times damage if not kill a lot of the enemies at the start of the fight.

The first fight is near the exit of the tunnels. The big broken block of stone provides excellent cover and lets you flank depending on what side you pop out of. Some husks and cannibals spawn as well as one ravager spawns. When you push over the bridge some more cannibals attack you. When you keep pushing up a brute comes around the corner. There is a hole in the round near the end of the bridge which you can use as cover. Retreat if the brute gets near you. Remember that EDI has incinerate which does a little damage to armor. Shortly after I killed the first brute another came around the corner. Be sure to kill the husks and cannibals that are near you , then focus on the next brute.

Once you turn the corner the brutes came around and keep walking up you get another fight. You can fight this one at long range. Find cover as soon as you see the enemies spawn. Some husks and cannibals as well spawn. Take care of them then push up a bit. 2 ravagers will come through the gap in the wall. They are close to each other so area damage is powerful here. Be sure to keep an eye out for any remaining husks.

After the Thresher Maw ruins the bridge in front of you the final push to the trucks starts. Only a few cannibals and husks block your way there. Just before you get to the trucks 2 marauders spawn. If you have chosen energy drain as an extra ability it is very effective at taking their shields away. You can also use warp and throw to set off biotic explosions or use EDI’s overload. Both of these take multiple hits so be wary of marauders. If you don’t have energy drain be sure to find good cover and take your time to kill them. Once they are down to health the standard pull/throw combination works just fine.

Killing the Reaper

After the cut scene you have to take care of some more husks and cannibals. When you keep pushing up eventually a reaper starts shooting at you. I have been killed by it before so be careful and run from cover to cover. The reaper will destroy cover so you have to keep moving. Eventually the reaper stops moving and you have to activate 2 hammers to call the thrasher maw. I activated the left hammer then the right hammer. The reaper keeps stomping the area so be careful not to get hit by it. I found that if I pushed up slowly that I didn’t get hit by it.

When you get near the area a brute spawns. Be sure to keep retreating until it is dead. If it charges you you can dodge the charge by barrel rolling to the side just before it gets near you. Once you kill the first another brute spawns. More spawn whilst you activate the hammers, but I didn’t have any trouble with killing them.

In the final cut scene you can choose whether or not to stop Mordin from fixing the sabotage. If you do the salarians become a war asset but you kill Mordin. If you don’t the salarians don’t help with the war. The krogans won’t know that you sabotaged the cure.

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