Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Investigating Missing Scouts on Utukku


This mission is given to you by Wrex after the War Summit. You are to go to Utukku and investigate what happened to a team of scouts there. It is suspected that there is Rachni activity.

I chose EDI and Liara to come with me to help get rid of armor. In this mission you meet Grunt again from Mass Effect 2.

Starting the Mission

Before you start the mission on the ground be sure to look around. There is a lot of loot around. I found 2 stacks of credits and 2 weapon upgrades. Be sure to talk to Grunt before you leave. Go into the building next to Grunt to start the mission.

Getting Rid of the Pods and the Webbing

You can waste a lot of ammunition by using your guns to get rid of the webbing and pods. There are a few M-451 Firestorms lying around the place which you can use for getting rid of the webbing. Be sure not to get close to the pods because they explode and damage you. It is best to use overload or warp on them to kill them so that you stay away from the Pods. If you do get close swarmers spawn. You can kill them with one hit of anything.

First Fight

Before you start killing husks and the ravager be sure to use overload on the Barrier Engine. It gets rid of the annoying barriers that the husks have. Kill the husks before the ravager because they swarm you and can kill you if there are a lot of them. Use the Pull/Throw combination to kill them with biotic powers. You can use Liara’s Warp and then your throw on the ravager to cause biotic explosions. Two or three of them should be enough to kill the ravager.

If you get hit by the ravager your shields is instantly gone and the next hit will be death. As soon as the ravager starts shooting duck behind cover. It always shoots three times and then there is a pause in which you can kill it. There is another Firestorm near where the ravager spawned. Use it to get rid of the Spore Pods. There are also some thermal clips on the left side.

The next part consists of a lot of cave exploration. Sometimes a few husks spawn. Be sure to explore everything there is some loot behind the Webbing sometimes.

Fight in the Second Hall

Most of the fights in this mission consist of some ravagers and a lot of husks spawning. As long as you stay in cover and take care of the Barrier Engine first, then the Husks and the ravagers last you shouldn’t have much trouble. Don’t bother with weapons because you have to expose yourself to the ravagers to use them.

Kill the husks by first using pull which lifts them into the air and the throw which causes a biotic explosion which always kills husks in one hit. In this hall there is a Barrier Engine in the middle. Some Cannibals spawn, but they only have health so you can take care of them just like you killed the husks. One ravagers spawns in the right part of the hall. Be sure to use cover which is a little angled to the left to get the best protection from the ravager.

Once you get to the Spore Pods some more enemies spawn. There is another Barrier Engine over the lake. Cannibals crawl out of holes on the left and right part of the hall. A ravager spawns in the middle. In this fight the Cannibals start throwing grenades. If there is a grenade danger indicator on your screen if the grenades explodes you are dead. You have to move to get cover between you and the grenade or to get far enough away from the grenade. This is the most difficult part of the mission because it means that you have to get out of cover. At the start of every fight be sure to check where you can go if a grenade lands near you. It will save you many deaths. The Cannibals will swarm you so be sure to kill them first. you can bring up a mini map by pressing shift. There is another maze full of Webbing and Spore Pods ahead.

Opening the Way for Grunt

To open the way for Grunt you have to destroy the power node. Before you do there is some loot on the far side of this hall. When you are near the loot face the middle of the room and you will see the power node. Use the Firestorm to avoid using precious ammunition. After the cut scene you have to explore another cave full of webbing and spore pods.

Rachni Queen Hall

The power node is on top of a large rock to the above and to the left of the mission marker. Press v to bring up the mission marker. Use the Firestorm to kill the reaper node. This triggers the final fight. A lot of husks swarm you along with cannibals and a number of ravagers. As usual kill whatever is nearest you first. The ravagers are the lest priority because they are slow. However, move up slowly and don’t take any chances. This fight is long and there isn’t a save point in the middle of it. Be sure to use EDI’s incinerate and Liara’s warp on the ravagers on cool down to make the fight a little shorter.

You have to move along the hall. The first fight isn’t very hard. You only have to fight husks and a ravager and some cannibals. I always find that if you use the cover furthest away from the enemies  you can easily kill everyone before they overwhelm you. Once you kill the ravager you can be much more aggressive by using pull and throw. To keep going you have to kill Reaper Nodes. There is another Firestorm and some thermal clips at the far end of this hall.

The next fight is much like the first. You can be very aggressive at the start until the ravager shows up. In the next part 2 ravagers spawn. Take cover as soon as you see them and go with the usual procedure. There is a barrier engine in this fight which will keep giving the ravagers barriers until you get rid of it. The Cannibals throw grenades again. You can retreat easily back towards where you had the first fight.

After you kill the next reaper node you get to the final fight. Only one ravager spawns in. Remember you can use warp and throw on it to cause biotic detonations. I ran into some more cannibals towards the back of the hall but they are easy to take care of.

After this fight you get into a cut scene where you talk to the rachni queen. If you choose to save her she becomes a war asset, otherwise she dies.

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