Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Meeting the Diplomats and Rescuing the Female Krogan


Wrex uncovers secret video footage of Female Krogans being held by the Salarians. It later turns out that Mordin captured and sent that footage to him in an effort to cure the genophage. The Salarian counselor is reluctant to give up the location of the female, but in the end Shepard can convince the counselor to tell them the site.

As usual I took EDI and Liara on this mission. The teammates aren’t that critical, it is more important that you choose the right class. I am playing as an Adept.

When you land look around for upgrades. You can also talk to various people around. Once you are ready go to the elevator.

In this mission you work your way upwards killing enemies on the different floors.

Fighting on the Bottom Floor

In this fight only basic enemies spawn. The first 2 assault troopers spawn in smoke right were the Salarian troops are shooting at nothing. Be sure to kill them first so that they don’t flank you. After that stay in cover and use pull and throw to kill the troops with biotic explosions. Don’t take any unnecessary chances, but you can be fairly aggressive because of the quick recharge time of pull and throw.

There is one upgrade, a medi gel dispenser and some research data to find on this floor.

Getting Around the Flames

When you go through the door at the end of the corridor you see two assault troopers get annihilated by a “specimen”. Flames block your way. You can’t actually walk into the flames. Vault over the ledge to the right through the window. Jump over the hole in the ground and vault back into the walkway. There is an upgrade near the flames.

Fight on First Floor

3 assault troopers spawn in the smoke right when you get up the stairs. You can easily kill them with pull and throw. There is a time limit on this fight because the Cerberus troops are shooting at the containment shield weakening the Pod Integrity. The Pod Integrity does not heal over the mission, so whatever damage it takes in one part carriers over to the next. It pays off to be aggressive here to have more room for error later.

A centurion spawns on this level. You can use energy drain twice in a row to get rid of his shield. Or, if you don’t have energy drain, you can use EDI’s overload to get rid of the centurion’s shield. After that you can take care of him like any other enemies with the pull/throw combination. Once you have killed everyone Mordin will start talking. There are some credits to be had on this floor. After you have cleared Mordin kill the two assault troopers in the shuttle by using throw to get them out of the shuttle and let them fall to their death.

Follow your teammates to the next part of this floor. Another centurion and some assault troopers block your way. Be sure to use cover. Remember that you can arch pull and throw around corners as long as the enemy is highlighted. You can take your time here. There is a weapon upgrade in this part of the floor.

Getting Around the Blockade on the Second Floor

Cerberus troops set up a blockade on the second floor. You can fight it head on but it takes a long time. The main problem is that the engineers will keep setting up turrets and then go hide whilst you kill the turrets and then set up some more turrets. Storm forward and to the left there is a corridor that allows you to flank the engineers and kill them. Focus on them first to stop the engineers from setting up more turrets which can kill you within a second of exposure. After that be sure to kill the turrets safely from cover. There is no point in shooting them.

Be sure to keep an eye on the position of the turrets so you always have cover between you and them. There are some credits near where you meet the Salarian with the fancy pistol. There are also some thermal clips on the far back part of the room if you need them. To get through the locked door use the scanner and stay still whilst it scans you until the door opens.

After you get through the door you get to a room with two stories. I always choose the high ground to avoid being shot from there. There are a few assault troopers up there. For me a centurion flew up. I took care of him with energy drain and the pull/throw combination. Be sure to kill the enemies on the lower floor from above. It means that they don’t shoot you and have little cover. There are two guardians down there. Use pull to take his riot shield away. There is also two armor upgrade ans some thermal clips and credits on the bottom floor. Keep walking past the latter to find all the loot.

In the next part Cerberus troops are shooting at the Pod again. There are only basic enemies so you can be very aggressive with pull and throw. To resupply the pod with power walk towards the far end of this part of the floor. There is an upgrade, a research log, a medical station (be sure to use medi gel before you loot the station. The last part is much easier if you have some room for error)  and a new gun here. After you reactivate the power more enemies spawn. There is a centurion and some guardians as well as some assault troopers. Take care of the centurion first, then focus on the assault troopers. Be sure to keep an eye on the guardians and kill them if they get too close.

Some more troops spawn in after you clear Mordin. It is only a centurion and some assault troopers. There is a research log and a new weapon in this part.

Landing Area

Take cover as quickly as possible once you get up the stairs. You will die very quickly if you stand in the open. Be sure to take care of the enemies closest to you first. You can take it a little slower here, especially if the Pod hasn’t been damaged too much. It is repaired a little compared to the last time you had to save it. Some enemies come up to you but they tend to focus on the pod more so than on you.

Always run away from grenades. They will kill you instantly if the danger indicator is on your screen. Always have an escape route ready. I found it was best to flank around and hit them from the opposite side to you came up to the floor. Give Mordin the final approval.

Killing the Atlas

After you Give Mordin the final approval and a long cut scene you have to fight an Atlas. Other enemies spawn with the Atlas, but you have to kill the Atlas first. It will keep walking towards you and push you  around the floor. If you don’t kill the Atlas fast it will back you in a corner or towards the other enemies. Use EDI’s overload and you energy drain to take care of the shields. Don’t use guns because if the Atlas hits you with a rocket you stagger and most likely die. Be sure to retreat when the Atlas gets close to you. Liara has warp and EDI has incinerate to help you with the armor of the Atlas. You can use Warp and throw to produce a biotic explosion which will make taking care of the Atlases’s armor easy. Don’t take any risks killing the last few enemies because if you die you have to kill the Atlas again.

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