Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Rescuing the Students from Grissom Acedemy



Specialist Traynor finds a distress signal from Grissom Academy, a school for biotic students. Apparently a Turian ship has come to the rescue, but Specialist Traynor thinks it is a fake signal similar to the one in Mass Effect 2 when Cerberus lured Shepard onto the Reaper ship. You go to investigate and find that Cerberus has attacked the school. In this mission you meet Jack from Mass Effect 2 again and save the remaining students off Grissom Academy. You can recruit them for the war.

I took EDI and Liara T’Soni with me on this mission mainly because they both can take care of armor very easily and EDI has overload. You can find a guide that explains the basics of the insanity difficulty guide here.

First Fight

The first fight is in a corridor near the landing zone. There are two Assault Troopers that can’t get into Kahlee Sanders’s office. As soon as you can target them use Pull and the Throw to kill them with a biotic explosion. They will both be dead after that treatment. Walk up to the door and press the action button and a cut scene will start. Afterwards you head to Orion Hall to rescue the biotic students.

Fighting Towards Orion Hall

Once you go through the door at the end of the corridor you see two Assault Troopers drag a student away. You can’t do anything to save the student. After you keep going for a while you find Reiley Bellarmine who is keeping two Assault Troopers away from him with a biotic field. Use the pull/throw combination on the assault troopers to kill them easily.

In the room you get into after you talk to Reiley there is some loot. Keep going and eventually you find a room that has some generators in it.

You can see the two assault troopers that are targeted in the above screen capture. In that room there are a few upgrades. Once you go in there and take care of the troopers some more enemies spawn in the room you just left. In fact 3 centurions spawn. Use EDI’s and Liara’s powers as much as possible to get rid of shields. Once you strip the centurions of their shields use pull and throw on them. Focus on the centurions first because often time the double pull and throw takes care of the basic assault trooper along the way.

This fight starts at the 10 minute mark in the video I have linked at the bottom of this post.

After you are done you find Riley’s sister in the next room. There is also some loot in that room including some credits in a locker.

Orion Hall

After the cut scene you have to fight an Atlas. Beware because some other basic enemies spawn as well. I usually take care of basic enemies before I focus on the boss enemies. It is best if you do the same here. Take care of their shields with EDI’s overload. I also had energy drain but that is a bonus because I have already beaten the game. If the enemies are down to their health use pull and throw to kill them with biotic explosions. Be sure to keep an eye on the Atlas and make sore you move so that there is always cover between you and it.

Only use powers to kill the Atlas. If you get hit by one if its missiles you stagger and most likely die. Stay behind cover and spam all your abilities that are strong against shields on cool down. Afterwards EDI has incinerate, Liara has warp and you have warp to easily take care of the Atlases armor.

The Cerberus Camera Controls are on a bench in the main floor of Orion Hall near the door the Atlas came through. The door release is above the door which goes downwards opposite the door the Atlas came through. It is in between the two doors at the back of that room.

This fight starts at the 13 minute mark in the video below.

Most Difficult Fight of the Mission

After you are through the cut scene you eventually come out into an area that has a large lake and some grass in it.

There are two sections to this area. The first is the area that you are in and the second is where the Atlas is at. If you don’t immediately take care of the Atlas it will keep firing rockets at you, regenerate shields and make this part even more difficult. Use EDI’s incinerate, Liara’s and your warp to take care of the ATlas. It should go down fairly quickly. Be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings because some enemies like to swarm you. They will also throw grenades and if you get hit by those you are dead.

After you have taken care of the Atlas make your way up to the highest point. There is a shield generator near there which will help you greatly. You just have to kill everyone that spawns in for a little while, then go down and through a door. Be weary of turrets and focus on killing engineers first. Turrets kill you very quickly.

Now you get to the area that the Atlas was in. This is a huge pain because you go out on the lower area. If you stay down there engineers will set up turrets above you and you won’t be able to leave your cover. Be sure to sprint forwards and then left to go up the stairs. Stay near the top of the stairs and don’t move forwards because guardians spawn right in front of you.

Be sure to keep an eye on the door because if the Guardians get near you, you will die. Use Pull to take away their riot shields. During the whole fight take it slow. There are no checkpoints along the way so if you die you have to start over. Be sure to keep an eye on the stairs you came up as well as in front of you. Kill engineers before everyone else because they set up and repair turrets which can kill you within a second of shooting you.

After you are done with the fight a door unlocks. Shortly after you run into a group of students. You have met one of them before in Mass Effect 2. He unlocks a door to an armory for you.

The first part of this fight is at 20 minutes and the second part at 25 minutes and 30 seconds into the video below.

Last Fight in the Atlas

When you are in the Atlas accuracy is important. You can take shields off enemies in one hit and kill with the second. Try to take little damage because the Atlas can die and doesn’t regenerate its health. But this fight is fairly easy because all of the troops focus on the students and let you shoot them in the back.

You can kill the Atlas that comes in easily by putting a plate between you and it.

Keep walking in and out of cover so that the other Atlas can’t hit you.

This is the last fight of the mission.

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