Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Singleplayer Guide: Biotic Explosions Explained

What Is a Biotic Explosions?

A biotic explosion is when you combine 2 biotic powers to create a powerful explosion that does a lot of area damage with a certain force. If you are playing the singleplayer or on a bronze challenge enemies usually die if you put a biotic explosion on them. On silver they are usually left with very little health and on gold they are left with a bit more than silver.

Biotic explosions can’t be done on enemies that have a shield, but the area damage of a biotic explosion will damage shields. If there is a big group of enemies I usually put the biotic explosions on the enemies without a shield and by the time I am done with them everyone else won’t have a shield left. You can basically control a group of 5 or 6 enemies, sometimes even more, with biotic explosions. They are also very powerful on boss enemies, but again they won’t work on shields. Only the powers that you can put on enemies with shields can set off biotic explosions. So Warp and Biotic Charge will set off biotic explosions.

Setting Off Biotic Explosions

Most biotic power can set off a biotic explosion, but not every power can initialize it. Biotic explosions are caused by the combination of two different biotic powers. The main power is the power that initializes the biotic explosions which are usually time based powers (do damage over time or freeze targets in place the air etc.). So for instance Pull lifts an enemy into the air for a certain time so it can set off biotic explosions. The other powers that I am certain can act as initialize power are:

  • Stasis
  • Warp
  • Singularity

Some powers that have a time effect like Reave can’t initialize biotic explosions. If a power can initialize or set off a biotic explosions it will usually have a 50% biotic explosion/combination explosions damage buff. Again not every biotic power can set off biotic explosions. If you have an enemy in Pull you can’t use another Pull to set off the biotic explosion. You can use two of the powers that initialize the biotic explosion to detonate a biotic explosions, so you can use Singularity to initialize and then use warp to detonate. The powers that can set off a biotic explosion are:

  • Throw
  • Biotic Charge
  • Reave
  • Shockwave
  • Nova

And all the powers that can initialize a biotic explosion.

Abilities that just affect the shield like overload and energy drain and overload can’t be used for biotic detonations. Incinerate and Carnage also don’t set off or initialize biotic explosions.

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4 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Singleplayer Guide: Biotic Explosions Explained

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  3. Goodmongo says:

    According to a chart that came with the guide these are the source powers for biotic explosions: pull, singularity, warp, reave, statis, slam, dark channel and lift grenade.

    And these are the detonator powers: throw, shockwave, warp, biotic charge, reave, slam, cluster grenade, lift grenade and nova. Warp, reave and lift grenade can’t set off the explosion if they were both the source and dentonator.

    There are also flame, electric and cryo explosions possible. But flame and cryo requires the mob to die to the detonator.

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