Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Quarian Infiltrator Spotlight

I have tried out different guns lately and finding out how useful they are. I haven’t unlocked the Salarian infiltrator so I started using the Quarian infiltrator. The Quarian infiltrator has an ability which lets you control synthetic enemies. It is the key power of the Quarian infiltrator, but I don’t actually like it very much. I usually play on unknown enemy because of the bonus experience so I never know when I am going to face the Geth. Also I like using a class in every match, not just versus one particular opponent. The control over synthetic enemies is very powerful, especially when you use it on a Geth Prime, and will make playing against the Geth very easy.

Leveling the Quarian Infiltrator

Leveling the Cloak

I started out with leveling the cloak. Because this class is designed to be used with sniper rifles I focused on head shot damage and other weapon damage buffs. I didn’t find that I needed the cloak for longer than it comes with as standard (from memory around 10 seconds). I also took the recharge bonus over the increased melee damage. Because I like to use sniper rifles with the Quarian infiltrator I went with the 40% increased sniper rifle damage for the last buff. I kept getting one shots to the body with the cloak on after that so the buff is very powerful.

Leveling Fitness and Quarian Defender

With the general class buffs I focused on increasing weapon damage, health and shields. Nothing special here. With the last Quarian defender buff I went with weapon damage rather than reducing the weight of sub machine guns.

Leveling the Sticky Grenade

I found that the sticky grenades are actually very useful. I don’t like the sticky grenades because they aren’t reliable (you have to refill grenades when you run out and you only get 3 grenades when you level sticky grenade to the maximum). There is a certain time interval between picking up grenades (you can’t just stand near a resupply box and get unlimited grenades). But they are very useful when you are dealing with Brutes are Atlases because they take down a substantial amount of armor (especially when you go with the increased damage to armor buff). For the other buffs I went with explosion radius.

Quarian Infiltrator Combat Strategies

I used the Black Widow. You can find a gun specific guide for the Black Widow here. I played a lot of matches (around 15 I think) and in all of them I ended up with the most kills and the highest score. You can kill 3 basic enemies with three shots when you aim for the head and I was getting that almost every time. When you use the cloak you can take down most enemies, except boss enemies, with one or two head shots, even Phantoms. So you are the main slayer.

You can actually be very aggressive with the Quarian Infiltrator. If you are in a situation were you are getting beat you can put on the cloak and nobody will shoot you for around 10 seconds which lets you get out of the situation and get away from the enemies.

The cloak is very powerful when completing objectives, especially the multiple objective rounds. The cloak lasts long enough that you can stay hidden throughout the entire process of 1 objective. The cloak also lets you revive teammates when they go down, even if they are surrounded by enemies. I have revived someone around 5 times in a single round because they couldn’t get away from the enemies fast enough and kept dying.

I usually use the cloak off coll down. That is every time it is ready I use it. It means that you don’t get surprised by enemies because they have no idea where you are at, you can move around the map freely and every shot you take has around a 150% damage increase. However, if you get near enemies sometimes they see you and if you cloak in front of them usually the keep shooting you for a little while. An Atlas has shot me with a missile before which keeps locking on even if you are cloaked.

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