Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gudie: Black Widow Best Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 3

The Black Widow in the single player is a very powerful sniper rifle you can get through the Alliance military. I think the store is called Spectre Requisition. Remember it is cheaper to go to the citadel and buy the Black Widow than doing it through the Normandy store. I think it adds 25 000 credits onto the price.

Best Class to Use the Black Widow With

As with any gun class the soldier is a strong choice for the sniper rifle. In particular the Turian Soldier is very effective with guns and can be aggressive because of the strong shield and high health. The Turian soldier’s powers are also modeled around using guns so the increased power cool down time isn’t really a problem.

However, I like to use the Infiltrator class when I am messing around with a gun class. The main ability I use is the cloak and that is on a pretty fast cool down even when you use heavy weapons. When leveling the infiltrator be sure to buff as much weapon damage, health and shield as possible. The standard time on the cloak is plenty (10 seconds from memory) so I wouldn’t increase that. Instead focus on the increased weapon damage buffs (including head shot damage) with the cloak on.

Best Modifications to Use on the Black Widow

So far I like the increased damage and increased clip side modifications. I didn’t find the modification to shoot through cover very useful because I would never know were they were at behind the cover. Also most cover is too thick to shoot through anyway. However, that modification also lets you shoot through enemies easier. I have gotten a double head shot before. The penetration mod is also useful against guardians because you don’t have to aim for the tiny slot to get a head shot instant kill on them.

I have been trying out the sight modifications and it seems as though it is a little easier to hit enemies.

Black Widow Combat Strategies

Any sniper rifle is a more defensive and slow gun. You only have a few shots between each reload and not much ammo to reload. I usually find that picking some high ground and sticking to it is very good, but the cloak does let you be a little more aggressive. I always cloak then shoot because of the increased weapon damage. You can also get a 40% buff for sniper rifles and a 20% buff for head shots which make cloaking even more powerful. Basically you will be popping heads with one shot.

Most infiltrators are built to be effective against troops, not boss enemies. However, the proximity mine and sticky grenade are good against armor and sniper rifles are also good against armor. However, I never find myself taking down bosses, I usually let teammates and biotic powers take care of that.

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4 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gudie: Black Widow Best Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 3

  1. Mary Paine says:

    The Turian soldier needs to be built right or he’s going to be pretty awful with a black widow. First off, if you don’t have a black widow, just a normal widow, don’t use a Turian. If you have a black widow Turian soldiers are an okay choice, I guess, but I don’t really see why you’d take him over a human if you’re going to use the Widow/Black Widow/Mantis/Geth Rifle. Turians get Marksman, which increases accuracy or fire rate. All of these sniper rifles have perfect accuracy already, so that leaves you with just fire rate to pick, which is useless with the one-shot rifles, and only a little bit of help with the black widow. Proxy mine on its own isn’t good enough to justify not rolling a human to take the crazy damage boost you get from adrenaline rush, which Turians are lacking. You’ll barely even miss Proxy mine when you can three-shot your way through a full armor bar.

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  3. Drue says:

    If you get the chance to unlock the N7 Valiant I would actually recommend it over the BW. It does less damage but reloads crazy fast, effectively letting you kill more, faster. If you choose the Salarian Infiltrator for example, you can single handedly take down a Gold Geth Prime before your Widow and Black Widow counterparts get enough chances to shoot it.(Cloak, damage boost mine, headshot, cloak, repeat) Even rarer than the Black Widow, so fingers crossed for unlocking it after the next community challenge! Great general guide tho ;)

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