Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: M-37 Falcon Best Assault Rifle in the Game

Update- BioWare patched this gun. It is now pretty useless, but still fun to use.
Update2- BioWare increased the damage. The gun is good again. You can use it with the infiltrator or the turian soldier to increase damage/fire rate.

There are a few weapons in the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 that are worth using regardless of their weight. One of them is the M-37 Falcon which is an assault rifle that shoots explosives. With it I haven’t found an enemy that I couldn’t kill easily. I can shoot them around corners and kill Guardians even if they have their shields. I also outscore most of my team every time and don’t tend to die very often.

How to Use the M-37 Falcon

The defining feature of the M-37 Falcon is the fact that the explosives only explode after a certain time or if they get within a certain distance of an enemy. The explosives will also bounce off walls. This lets you get very creative with how you kill people. For instance, if someone is hiding behind vertical cover (you can’t shoot over it) I like to bounce the explosive off a nearby wall so that it explodes in that enemies face. The explosion will stagger the enemy out of cover and let you dispatch them easily. You can do the same thing if you know that a room is full of enemies.

The M-37 Falcon staggers enemies. It even staggers them if they have shields and I have also seen some boss enemies like the Atlas stagger. They will keep staggering until they are dead, so you can keep any number of enemies at bay if you have enough ammunition.

The only downfall of the M-37 Falcon is that it doesn’t come with much reload and clip ammunition. You can duck behind cover for the reload, but don’t start the reload before you go into cover because the cover animation will cancel the reload. Also I usually try to move from thermal clip stack to another to make sure that I have no downtime due to a lack of thermal clips. This requires some map knowledge, but the places are usually pretty easy to remember. Also I suggest using the upgrade to the amount of shots one thermal clip lets you take.

The M-37 Falcon isn’t very good against armor. I can usually take shields and barriers off enemies pretty easily, but if I was working on an Atlases armor by myself I would take a long time. Be sure to focus your fire on other enemies around and keep an escape route open for your team should the Atlas overwhelm you.

Best Classes to Use with the M-37 Falcon

The soldier is a very strong choice for any class that you want to use weapons with. You can buff weapon damage, health and shields very high with a soldier and the class isn’t designed around the use of biotic powers so you don’t have to worry about the reduced power recharge rate.

However, I like to use the infiltrator class with any weapon class. The infiltrator is the most versatile class in Mass Effect 3. You can easily revive teammates and take the multiple objectives whilst using the cloak. The cloak also gives a damage boost to weapons. However, the cloak stops working about a second after your first shot. It does seem to increase the damage until you are visible again, not only for the first shot. I also like to cloak whilst reloading because the M-37 Falcon has a long reload.

When you level your infiltrator that you want to use weapons with I suggest you focus on weapon damage, shield and health buffs. I like to use the cloak as much as possible so I also suggest using the buffs that reduce the recharge time. Although I would prioritize the weapon damage buff over the recharge rate.

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4 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: M-37 Falcon Best Assault Rifle in the Game

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your gonna feel my wraith for not just being dumb but for all the other idiots that think like you and ruin the mass effect multiplayer with stupid ideas and complaints and would probably like to change the ME multiplayer into something like the online multiplayers in shooters like COD or halo yet you forgot that ME is an action RPG with a coop multiplayer thats tied into its campaign which is probably why its so much fun to begin with.

    I think not having the soldier class is not only dum but wrong on so many levels, this is a coop multiplayer that is tied in to the campaign and story of the game so it’s not like any other multiplayer game out there and unlike other games where multiplayer is what keeps the game alive because the campaign and story of that particular game is non important or doesn’t really matter and could pretty much not exist and they could sell the game with just the multiplayer alone and it would sell. Mass Effect is an action RPG and is loved for its story and campaign so lore matters and with its multiplayer being tied in to the story/campaign that makes it nothing like other multiplayer games even more less like most of the popular and common shooters out there since the campaign and story is important and part of the multiplayer.

    In mass effect classes and the characters themselves are important and a reason people love and play the game. Plus the reason Bioware made the multiplayer just coop and tied it in to the campaign and story was smart not just business wise for fans too. They knew that fans would easily love and accept this since the multiplayer would not only remind you but would feel and play just like you normally would when playing an N7 mission in the campaign with the only difference being that its online with the added bonus your squad mates being controlled by a friend or other person. So everything you see on its multiplayer not only originates from its story/campaign but is also driven by it too unlike other games where multiplayer is made to be competitive with death matches, team death matches, and so on.This is a good thing and the reason why its coop multiplayer fits in with the campaign and is so much fun for people who love and follow the game so people shouldn’t compare or even judge it like other multiplayer games or shooters for these reasons alone plus that its an action RPG and not another shooter so its different and unique for this reason alone.

    Having said that people need to stop it with stupid ideas or crying about weapons and classes being OP when some classes and weapons are suppose to be the way there are since they are made it that way for a reason and its a coop so unlike in a competitive multiplayer where things have to be equal for all players since they compete against each other in death matches. In mass effect its multiplayer is coop and tied in to the campaign so it follows the lore/story so your gonna have classes that are stronger then others or weapons that are stronger then others too since thats way it is in the campaign and story. Classes are different for a reason with each class having its strengths and weakness they should be used for what situation they are better suited for. For example the N7 classes and weapons are stronger then other classes and weapons which they should be and are meant to be so people should understand and use classes in gold or platinum not bronze or silver since it’ll be too easy and people should understand and expect this but yet they don’t.

    So i think its the people who play ME like its just a shooter so they compare and judge ME like any other multiplayer or shooter out there and they expect everything to be equal or leveled and use terms like noob tube because they think they are playing halo or COD and I would think the fact that its an RPG with a coop multiplayer thats tied in to the campaign would be enough for people who are new to mass effect to see and understand that its new,different, and not gonna be like any other multiplayer game and understand things more but no they still complain or come up with stupid ideas that if the devs listen it then ruins the game or parts of it for the others who actually care,understand, and like the game the way it is and is meant to be.

  2. Valhalen says:

    What is the rarity of the Falcon drop? It comes only on packs such as the Spectre and Premium Spectre?

  3. Nicko says:

    I agree with what you said about how the soldier should just be cut out of multiplayer (except for Krogan soldier)

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