Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Drell Adept Spotlight

The Drell Adept is another example of a very powerful class that is primarily focused on killing. Other Adept classes focus on taking down boss enemies and supporting the team with objectives. The Drell Adept can be played with two different priorities which have a slight shift in how effective the Drell Adept is in different situations. You can focus on taking down strong enemies or focus on slaying the weaker.

Leveling the Drell Adept Effectively

Drell Assassin

Whilst leveling Drell Assassin you should focus on getting as much weight bonus and power damage as possible. The last buff isn’t really necessary but if you don’t want grenade cluster you should go for the weapon damage buff. I do suggest going for the Grenade Cluster though because it can be a handy back up.


With fitness I focused on health and shield bonus. Melee damage isn’t even half as useful as the shield bonus and when you choose those buffs you also get a mobility bonus which can be useful.

Cluster Grenade

I found that Cluster Grenade is good, but every time you throw one you have to go refill that grenade if you want to throw another. There are buffs that give you more slots for grenades, but if you constantly have to worry about getting a refill for a power which are usually out in the open the power isn’t that useful. However, Grenade Cluster is more useful than the 10% weapon damage bonus for the last rank of Drell Assassin so I suggest choosing Grenade Cluster over that buff.


If you want to focus on boss enemies you have to level Reave and Pull slightly differently. The last rank of Reave lets you choose between increased effectiveness against armor and barriers (Reave isn’t very effective against shields) and a final buff to damage, duration and protection bonus. Because boss enemies usually have barriers and armor in this build that is the buff you should choose. If you want to focus on most other enemies go for the other buff.

In general focus on impact radius, damage per second and duration in that order of priority.


With pull focus on the impact radius and biotic detonation buffs. A 1.23 second recharge speed is good enough not to need an update and the duration is long enough as it comes. I do suggest leveling it all the way because the last buff is quite powerful.

Drell Adept Combat Strategies

Reave isn’t useful versus shields and pull only works when an enemy is only left with health. Thus I suggest you use a sub machine gun which is very effective against shields (faster shooting weapons are always better at taking down shields. Slower shooting weapons are better against armor).

Your primary way of killing is the pull and Reave combination which sets off a biotic explosion. However, it only goes off when you do pull before you do Reave even though Reave is a dot damage (damage over time) power.

Reave stacks, so if you put two Reaves on an Enemy they suffer twice the dot damage. An enemies health starts going down very rapidly after the third and fourth time you put Reave on them, especially on boss enemies. If an enemy has a shield, barrier or armor you can’t use lift on them. It does a little damage but nothing significant.

The Drell Adept is very good against Reapers. If you know that you are going to be playing against Reapers be sure to use it. The Drell isn’t very good against Geth because a lot of Geth have shields which is the only things the Drell Adept can’t deal with. The Drell is useful against Cerberus because it rips the shield off Guardians. However, it doesn’t life them the first time.

You can’t take on large groups of enemies with the Drell Adept. You can take on 3 or 4, but after that you won’t be able to suspend all of them in mid air which means that they can easily kill you. If you see large groups of enemies wait a while until they have broken up a little or choose a different route. The biotic explosion usually kills enemies when they are down to their health. I usually stop worrying about them after I hear the explosion. The dot damage of Reave will still be active after the explosion.

If you are facing Reapers be sure to put Reave on the Banshee as fast as possible. The Banshee has a barrier and armor, both of which Reave is effective against.

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  4. Harry says:

    Thanks for this, just unlocked this guy (who I wanted all along! :D ) and I was bit confused when I realised all of its abilities were things I didn’t have access to in solo-player. I think I’ll focus on stronger enemies – I hate those Banshees :P

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