Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Using Guns Effectively

Lately I have been experimenting around with using guns a little more than before. Some of them, especially the sniper and shotgun, are very fun to use. With the right class combination they can be very effective against many enemies too. However, if you have a whole team that just relies on weapons you probably won’t be able to do the silver and gold challenges. Guns are for messing around having some fun, not serious credit or xp grinding.

Best Classes to Use Guns With

Good classes that are mainly designed to use guns are classes that don’t have their biotic powers as their primary abilities like the sentinel, adept, engineer and vanguard. You can use weapons with them but because most of those classes have lower health and weaker shields you won’t have much success because guns require you to be in to open to shoot.

The infiltrator is the best class if you want to use the sniper rifle. Level the cloak so that you have maximum weapon damage (including head shots). The infiltrator also has power upgrades that let you use sniper rifles without incurring a heavy penalty on power recharge times.

If you are looking for using shotguns the Krogan is the best class. The main ability of the Krogan is to use melee better and to fortify health and shields. I have written a comprehensive guide for the Krogan that mainly focuses on suing shotguns. You can find it here.

Assault rifles and sub machine guns don’t stand out as much to really be fun. You can use some without loosing your recharge bonus, especially if you have the weight reduction modification for the machine pistols. However, I haven’t found a good machine pistol that makes me want to use it more than heavy pistols.

Best Guns

Unfortunately guns are unlocked randomly so you have no way of getting a gun when you want it. However, the best guns I have used so far is the claymore, a shotgun that can one shot kill basic enemies across the map, the Geth shotgun, which is very powerful, and the  Black Widow which is a sniper rifle.

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3 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Using Guns Effectively

  1. FemShepard says:

    M-98 plus hornet with a infiltrator = ownage Matlock and sniper on solider = ownage Best shotgun The Korgan one that targets bleed out. It better than the geth shotgun on maxed out. All the N7 weapons are garbage on gold in multiplayer.

  2. Skylar says:

    Mattock is a pretty beast-in assault rifle i average around 50k a game on silver and bronze, but my favorite combination, is to use the drell adept, with mattock VI , piecing mod V, and Extended clip V, with the Tempest IV, heat sink IV, extended barrel III. I do excellent with that layout, but its my type of play style i guess.

  3. LC says:

    “Guns are for messing around having some fun, not serious credit or xp grinding”

    Cmon man really? You’re telling me you can beat Gold without using guns? Guns are only for messing around right?

    Try Soldier class with the m98 Widow. Adrenaline plus a being a good shot and you’ll be top scorer every game. Sniper Rifle Amp 3 on Gold and you’ll be leading your team. I’ve seen so many half ass players with the sniper, cloaking and being all ninja like for no fucking reason. Aim, shoot, kill. If you play shooters at all you’ll pick up on how easy ME3 is compared to other games.

    Tip: Reload your Widow and once the bullet counter on the lower left goes back up, roll to finish reloading. It shortens loading time. And if you play Gears you should know the aim-shot trick: You scope in with the left trigger only for the second you shoot. Mad accuracy.

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