Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: How to Get Credits Quickly and What is the Best Upgrade Pack to Choose

Difficulty versus Reward

There is no point in playing gold because you get much less credits if you can’t finish it reliably. It usually takes much longer than silver and bronze anyway which negates the higher reward. I find that I need very good teammates to finish the gold challenges and at least decent teammates to finish silver.

Generally the best challenge to choose is the challenge that you can complete reliably. If you find that you usually fail the silver challenge just play on the bronze challenge. However, the silver challenge is the best reward for the time spent and the difficulty level. You get around 30 000 credits. The bronze awards you with around 15 000 depending on how fast you completed objectives.

You can buy packs using bioware points, but a spectra pack comes down to costing around $2 which seems a little much to me. It also takes away from the game if you just have everything you want instantly.

Best Class to Use

You want to use the class that you are best with. If you are farming credits don’t bother with leveling a low level character because you will just get frustrated. I wrote a guide to the best class to carry your team, you can find that here.

Best Upgrade Pack to Choose

You can choose from a 5 000, 20 000 and 60 000 credit pack. It seems as though the 5 000 credit pack is the best, but in the more expensive packs you get much more. So in the basic you might get one medi gel revive, but in the spectre pack you get 5 or 6 of them. Also the chances of getting good stuff are much higher and guaranteed to some extend in the spectre pack. I have gotten as much as 3 gold items in one pack before.

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4 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: How to Get Credits Quickly and What is the Best Upgrade Pack to Choose

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  2. Daniel Padia says:

    Here’s the deal. You can save up money to purchase spectre packs, but it is actually better in the long run if you buy up recruit packs and get all the common guns up to lvl 10, then buy veteran packs and get all the uncommon guns up to lvl 10, then start buying spectre and premium spectre packs to ensure you are getting rare and ultra rares for your 60k and 99k purchases instead of wasting earned item slots on commons and uncommons. Every uncommon or common you earn or upgrade buying a spectre pack would have been a rare or ultra rare if you already have them maxed at 10.

  3. Drue says:

    There is a currently un-patched glitch for gold mode in one map. Firebase White. If you choose the Geth, on that map in gold, and everyone in your party camps one specific place: the bottom control room, hiding in the corner console(between the two doorways outside) all enemies will spawn upstairs from you, essentially coming in only the two doorways. They will bunch up for area effect attacks, and come in slow enough to pick off most before they get too close. Three people can take cover against the front side of the panel, with the 4th taking cover on the “tip” behind them. Not only are you all close to each other for revives, but many enemies that come up can be “grabbed” which is an instant kill, and you’re immune while doing it. I would recommend Salarians for this map, as well as anything with stasis. Infiltrators to take down primes and weaken everyone else, a Salarian engineer can put a strong, shocking decoy in the doorway and will essentially take up every enemies focus within range. If everyone communicates and cooperates strategy, they will only come in these directions. Infiltrators can go hack terminals if needed, only use the ammo boxes directly in front or behind, not the one on the right(outside by the railing/cliff) You can make roughly 70,000 credits per game. I would not recommend characters below level 15, although you will level up quickly!

    Enjoy the specter packs :)

    • Ukillmelongtime says:

      I’m doing this method as the ‘decoy’ guy and its easy. We even can take two level ones on gold as long as there are two high level biotecs like a drell/sentinel/adebt to set off biotecs.
      The guy on decoy can really be just a lvl 1 but after one game you’re a 10 then its even easier. Rotate people so all can level and not get too boring

      25to30 mins = up to 75k

      If you want a new map we did reactor tonight with two on decoy in the room down from the extraction point. Work that area and two biotecs and decent guns and its not hard to do and a change from that same maps repitition

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