Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Asari Adept Spotlight

The Asari adept is a class that focuses on biotic explosions. Each power isn’t that good on its own, but in combination they can down Atlases very quickly. On bronze especially you will easily be able to carry any team, but on silver and especially gold and when you fight Reapers you need a strong team that helps you set off biotic explosions, covers flanks and is effective against less powerful enemies. The Asari adept mainly focuses their abilities on the stronger targets, although throw is very powerful against basic enemies.

Be sure to only use a pistol. This decreases the power recharge time significantly.

Leveling the Asari Adept

You have to choose between stasis, warp and throw. I suggest you always select throw because of its quick recharge times which can be handy in close quarters when you are getting overwhelmed.

If you choose stasis you are specializing to take out the centurions, phantoms and similar stronger enemies like the Geth rocket trooper but not boss enemies. Stasis does not work on Atlases and other boss enemies. However, stasis is very powerful compared to warp because it effectively takes a phantom out of the game for 10 seconds which is long enough to easily kill it. When you are leveling stasis don’t bother with the power upgrades that increase the time. The standard 10 seconds are plenty.

If you choose warp you are focusing on the boss enemies. With this technique you might not get as many points, but you are helping the team out greatly. Warp and throw both can be specialized to do extra combo/boitic explosion damage which in the end means that you can take out Atlases before they can cause any major problems. When leveling warp focus on combo/biotic explosion damage buffs, area of effect and recharge time upgrades in that order of priority. The same goes for throw.

The reason that you have to choose between stasis and warp is because you will want to level fitness and Asari Justicar as much as possible. Fitness makes your character more powerful which is essential for silver and gold challenges. Asari Justicar gives you weight bonus which is crucial to being able to use a variety of pistols without recharge time reduction increases. Basically anything but -200% isn’t very good and will slow you down noticeably. Both fitness and Asari Justicar make your character noticeably more powerful overall and you will die a lot less as a result of leveling these.

You set off biotic explosions if you hit an enemy with stasis and warp and, whilst it is active, you hit them with another biotic power like throw. Teammates can also set them off but you will get the credit for the kill.

Asari Adept Combat Techniques

As I mentioned before you will want to focus on the stronger enemies and let the weaker die to area damage or to teammates. Especially if you leveled warp and throw be sure to use the biotic explosion as much as possible, ie alternate warp and then throw on cool down every time even against weaker enemies. Area damage and instant kills on them are very powerful and you don’t have to use precious thermal clips.

Don’t forget that you have a gun though. Whenever your powers are on cool down be sure to be shooting at enemies. The extra assist points and the occasional kill is very rewarding.

You have to remember that you aren’t an aggressive class. Be sure to use cover a lot. Also make sure that you aren’t cornered, ie that you always have a way that you can escape. Be sure to check that area often because some enemies spawn in even during rounds and when they catch you off guard they can easily kill you. Stay back from the main fight because you have no quick means of recharging your shield.

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