Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: How to Carry Your Team

I have been frustrated at how bad teammates are in the full version of Mass Effect 3. I played the demo a lot, I reached level 120 in it, and I though that teammates were bad back then. I could usually complete a silver run with ay teammates unless they were super bad. That is, I would have 70 or 80 000 points at the end of a challenge and the least points would be around 15 000.

In the full version I can’t even consistently finish the bronze challenge if I am not doing the best I can with a strong character. I ran into some teammates that had 5 000 or less points at the end of a bronze challenge. I get that many points withing round 3 or 4. However, I don’t want to take anything away from them. Maybe they just got the game or they don’t have the elitist in them like I do, or maybe I am just mean. Probably at mixture of that.

On the other hand I ran into a group of people were we all ended up with about the same amount of points and we would finish bronze challenges in around 15 minutes without a death. These are rare occurrences unfortunately.

Here are some examples of post match screens. My name is auluftwaffles:

But by far the worst was when we started with 4 people in the squad. 2 of them quit before the 5th round. We only completed the 6th and 10th round objective because the enemies spawned on the other side of the map That teammate then went on to dying in every round to the first enemy he saw. It was a one man show and I completed the mission mostly by myself.

Best Class to Use

The best class to carry your team must be a class that isn’t a support class like the adept or engineer for example. They can be very powerful classes, but they always require good teammates to do well. The vanguard is a strong choice because as a vanguard you are the major slayer and don’t need the assistance of your team as much. Only when you have to kill an Atlas or in any Reaper challenge you are going to have a big problem.

The infiltrator is also a strong choice, especially the Salarian infiltrator. The energy drain ability is effectively the same as a biotic charge, maybe even much more powerful. It allows you to be very aggressive and use your pistol to kill many staggered enemies.

Combat Tactics

You have to be in the mind set not to trust your teammates one bit. If you see them engage one cerberus assault trooper you have to assume that they are going to die to it. Make sure that you lead your team, not only in points but also in aggressive game play and kills.

Always take the lead in the objectives unless your teammates are doing them. Then focus on making it as easy as possible for them to finish the objectives. The upload/hack objectives that make you stay in one place for long will be the hardest parts of your mission. I have failed many a mission on those objectives. I have also failed a mission when I went down and my teammates wouldn’t kill the target that was standing right in the open in front of them. Granted it was probably my fault, but it is frustrating to see them shoot anything but the guy with a big target on his chest.

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12 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: How to Carry Your Team

  1. Derek Durrant says:

    Ok, so you have some fundamental flaws in your understanding of this game.

    1. Points don’t mean anything. If you ever play platinum with a Volus you’ll see that he’ll have about 5k points but will quickly realize he’s the MVP on your team.

    2. Vanguard is far less effective on anything above silver and silver is child’s play.

    3. Being elite in this game or having that mentality will only further your problems of bad teammates. Try to offer help instead. Many players don’t realize this game isn’t COD and take any character into battle with the biggest gun they have so help them understand game mechanics.

    4. Communicate. That big enemy you want them to shoot at will still be there if you don’t ask for help.

    Before you say how you have to be top scorer on your team to be the best , you should know that you get only marginally more exp and credits by having the highest score. If you want me to put my money where my mouth is, join me in a game of gold.

    Gamertag: derekdurrant

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  4. Andrei says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Buuuut, I think that the Drell Adept makes for a viable carry, if played right. He can handle himself in almost any situation…the brutes and banshees are a major pain, though.

    • Yes. I just unlocked it and it is very good. I will add it to this post as soon as I can

      • Andrei says:

        Just finished reading the spotlight…
        About the killing of large groups of enemies, I usually try and pick off the ones with health, using the biotic explosions to take out shields and armor (at longer ranges).
        If I’m at close range, Cluster Grenades.

    • Alexandre says:

      I noticed that you played as a vanguard, may the human vanguard, the human vanguard is certainly good at the bronze difficulty, but not so much on silver neither on gold, the vanguard is a solo class, you rely only on yourself, and it is easy to kill when you have 3 or 4 targets, but on gold you have to face almost 10 enemy at the same time, there is no way to pass through it without good team work, it’s much better to play as a Salarian Engineer instead of the human vanguard, god the decoy helps a lot, so, the vanguard is good with you are thirsty for points and don’t like to play with strategies, but on gold, there is no way you are going to survive without your team

      • Put a drell adept spamming reave and another human adept spamming warp and a vanguard charging in and you will change your mind. Put on an infiltrator for the multiple objectives and that is probably the best team possible.

      • Alexandre says:

        With that team you didn’t even needed the vanguard, I would just change the human adept for the Asari adept, it much better with the stasis, and I would put instead of the vanguard the Salarian Engineer, with the decoy the enemys will not even notice you, I used to play as a human vanguard, but I couldn’t help much on higher difficulties, I really prefer the vanguard with the shockwave, you can keep the enemys alway from your team, it helps more than keep charging all the time, I always have to revive the vanguard jackass of my team with my Quarian Infiltrator, sure the vanguard is a tank, but you can’t provide support to your team when they need you. I always use the Drell Adept for the Reapers on gold, the Quarian Infiltrator with the Cerberus and Geth, and some time I like to use the Human Engineer for crowd control

      • Daniel says:

        The Drell Vangaurd is unstoppable – his 360 light melee attacks stagger opponents and his grenades make him a single wrecking machine of doom.

    • Richie says:

      a good strategy for brutes when using a drell adept is reave than cluster grenade this takes out about half of their health banshees can be a problem tho due to their warping.

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