Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Recovering Reaper Tech from Secret Cerberus Lab


The alliance has been wondering how Cerberus and the Reapers are connected. The secret Cerberus lab in Sigurd’s Cradle, Decoris on Sanctum might provide these answers. Along the way you will kill countless Cerberus troops and hinder Cerberus research into reaper technology.

Important Information

This mission, despite being very short, is difficult. It took me around 5 tries to get it done on insanity. I died to turrets, falling off the map and an assault trooper I couldn’t charge.

I am doing this guide as a vanguard. I have written a comprehensive article which details what the best way to setup a vanguard is here.


This mission is very unforgiving, especially if you charge around a lot and never have a shield. If you don’t charge immediately after you are done with nova and there are 3 or more enemies around you you are going to be in a world of trouble. Whenever I am done charging I look around for the next enemy whilst spamming the charge key.

In this first wave I only saw assault troopers and a couple of centurions. You shouldn’t have any trouble with them, but be sure to treat them with care because they will down you within 2 seconds if you are standing in the open.

Recovering the First bit of Reaper Technology

There is loot to be had. More spawns as the missions progresses, but here is what you can get now. Be sure to pick it all up before you recover the first bit of reaper technology:

  • Medical Station. Look away from shuttle in the drop zone and go up the stairs to the left. Just behind the door is a small room to the left of the main room with the medical station in it.
  • Journal entry (rewarding with experience for reading it). Go back out into the main room and go to the left behind the consoles.
  • Failed Medi-Gel Experiment (useful later on the citadel). In a side room along the stairs leading to the drop zone near the first reaper technology.

After you have recover these loot deactivate security, take the reaper technology and bring it back to the shuttle. No enemies spawn, at least the didn’t for me. I took the most direct route possible.

Recovering the Second Piece of Reaper Technology

I found that this fight was the hardest of the mission. Here is were I died 4 of the 5 times. The main problem was that, by the time I had cleared the surrounding area, the place that has the reaper technology in it had 2 turrets and many more enemies in it. In that fraction of a second between nova and charge they got me downed over and over.

The best way to kill them all is to run straight down to the reaper technology. If you go there as fast as possible the engineers won’t have time to deploy the turrets, making that fight very easy. Before you take the reaper technology some more loot has spawned in and now is the best time to grab it. Look around for credits which you can usually find on the consoles. There is also a sniper rifle upgrade near the stairs down the the shuttle landing point. Later the whole place is full of enemies.

The shuttle gets attacked and you have to defend yourself until you can picked up. This fight isn’t a s difficut because the enemies are spread out. If you follow a few tips you shouldn’t have a problem here:
  • Only engage guardians if that is the only enemy you are facing.
  • Don’t charge into a turret.
  • Don’t bother with reviving teammates unless there are no enemies within sight.
  • Change position a lot so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

After you have killed everything the shuttle will be ready to extract you. If you haven’t already look around for more loot.

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3 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Recovering Reaper Tech from Secret Cerberus Lab

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  2. Goodmongo says:

    This mission is hard because the enemy come at you from both front and back. The only place on the entire map that limits direction of attack is the little room on the upper level where you find the alien medi-gel (for a mission on the Citadel).

    After getting the second reaper tech go to this room till you hear that the shuttle is waiting for you. You can then rush to the shuttle and click on it even without killing all the mobs. You may want to temprarily clear a path to it.

    I’m not 100% sure but I think the mobs are endless and keep respawning so staying there fighting might not work. I know in one game I killed mobs for 10 minutes and they kept comming till I clicked on the shuttle.

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