Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Human Engineer Spotlight

Human Engineer Overview

The engineer is a very powerful class in its own way. I found that I wasn’t killing as many enemies as a vanguard would, be that I would get enough assists to place me at the top of the scoreboard regularly. The engineer is very good at taking down shields and armor and the overload can be used to set off biotic explosions when combined with a warp on the same enemy.

As always do not use any weapon except a pistol because that decreases your recharge times. Weapons aren’t as useful as powers in Mass Effect 3.

Leveling the Human Engineer Effectively

The human engineer is designed to take down shields and armor as fast as possible. The main tools for that are incinerate and overload. These skills should be your priority when leveling your powers. Be sure to level fitness on the way, the health and shield buffs are very useful in offensive situations. For these skills look for the impact radius and number of enemies hit buffs and choose them over anything else.

Alliance training provides you with minor weapon, melee and power damage buffs. All in all somewhat useful, but not as much as the incinerate and overload. However, if you want to level alliance training at all you are giving up the combat drone altogether because you won’t be able to level it up all the way and the last buff is the most important.

The combat drone can be very effective, but it isn’t very consistent. When I was using it, I had it specialized to shoot rockets, I found that when it was hitting something with the rockets it was killing them and generally helpful, but most of the time it spend retreating from enemies and thus shooting the wall as a result of the line of sight need of rockets.   The shock does sound much more useful but unfortunately I haven’t tried it out so far. Be sure to let me know if you have tried it at all and I will also update this when I have.

Human Engineer Combat Techniques

Overload lets you be very aggressive because it staggers most enemies for a few seconds. Usually it is ready again once they stop being staggered so as long as you are facing 3 enemies or less you shouldn’t have a problem. You can also get very easy ~150 point assists when you do this to enemies that are being killed by your teammates.

Incinerate is incredibly useful against armor and groups of enemies. I have killed around 3 basic enemies at once before. Against the reapers it is even more useful because of the high number of enemies that come in with armor. Be sure to use incinerate on cool down every time against them and brutes and similar annoyances shouldn’t be a problem.

Engineers are incredibly powerful against boss enemies like Atlases for Cerberus and Brutes for the Reapers. These should be your priority. Overload is effective against shields and barriers, incinerate is effective against armor and somewhat effective against health.

You can’t be too aggressive. The best results come when you stay with at least another teammate. Whenever I went off by myself I found that I quickly got surrounded and that usually means death for an engineer. When you are with teammates you can assist them in killing enemies, but be sure to watch the flanks. Usually when a team goes down is because they left a flank open and got overrun.

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