Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Rescuing the Turian Primarch in Apien Crest on Menae



The Turians are being overrun by the Reapers. They set up a strategic outpost on Menae, the moon of Palaven which is the Turians homeworld, to try and flank the Reapers. This strategy isn’t working out though because the Reapers are far too powerful. In this mission you get the Turian Primarch to come off planet for the war summit. You also meet an old teammate, Garrus, that helps you along with the mission and comes on the Normandy afterwards to help fight the Reapers.

Be sure to read my guide to finishing Mass Effect 3 on Insanity the easiest here. It explains combat techniques, class choices and power tips.

Landing Zone

You can shoot the Husks climbing up the mountain side, but the pistol I used didn’t do very much damage so I didn’t end up killing anything. As soon as I could I charged right into the Husks and killed them easily using nova. You can use the same technique up to the camp. Remember to level any powers up, I found that James’s Carnage is very useful especially later. Don’t worry about Liara T’Soni as much as she leaves you soon after the mission begins.

First Turian Camp

There is a bit of stuff lying about. I found:

  • 3x Data Pad
  • 2x Med Kit
  • 1 Upgrade

Look around the place especially on the platforms that don’t have anyone standing on it.

Getting Communications Back Up

You have to choose who is to go up and fix the communications tower. It doesn’t really matter who as you only face Husks whilst the communication tower is fixed. I chose Liara T’Soni to go up because James has better offensive powers against Husks. They are easy to take out with the charge/nova combination. Be sure to use Carnage when it is ready, especially into the groups of Husks that come out of the comets. It will usually kill all of them instantly.

After the communication tower is back up you have to kill a few more Husks and then return to the first Turian base. Here you meet Garrus and Liara is sent back to the Normandy to make sure that it is ready for extraction. Be sure to level up Garrus’s powers. I used concussive shot and overload. Remember to put them into your quick bar.

Killing What the ‘Thing’ Dropped

There are two objects of interests here:

  • Supplies
  • An assault rifle upgrade

This is actually a more difficult fight, especially if you aren’t playing as a vanguard. There are some Marauders to kill who have shield. Be sure to use overload on them, it makes them as easy as Husks. Be sure to use overload and carnage as much as possible, they both stun weaker enemies and take off some health. Concussive shot even renders them defenseless for a few seconds.

Defending the First Turian Base

If you didn’t know there is a mounted gun on top of the wall. It does use thermal clips, but they are unlimited.

Husks spawn all over the place. Be sure to kill the ones closest to the wall first. They can climb either side of the wall up the cliff so be sure to keep checking both sides. Remember to reload when the grounds are clear.

Eventually a brute will knock you off the wall. Be sure to use carnage as soon as you can as it is on a very long cool down (~10 seconds). I don’t believe that the brutes can kill you instantly, it didn’t happen during any fights I have had with them. There are a few Husks around the place, but they got killed along the brute with nova. Area damage is very powerful.

After the fight you go off to find the Turian Primarch on foot. Along the way you meet a few Husks which are easy to kill. There are a few interesting things lying near the soldiers you meet on the way.

Clearing the Second Turian Camp

This is the last fight of this mission. You have to kill Husks, Cannibals, Marauders and Brutes. After a charge and nova I usually spam the charge button and look around for new enemies to kill. If some have shot me I align the damage direction indicator with the top of my screen whilst spamming the charge button. If the enemy I am charging has a shield I press the overload button as I am charging them. The overload sometimes happens before you get there and sometimes after, but it helps either way. I focused on the brutes as much as possible, but directed the nova so that it would hit the most enemies possible. After the brutes were all dead there was little left to kill.

The only way you will die is that sometimes an enemy will shoot you but you can’t actually charge it. You have to react quickly to move so that you can charge, otherwise you will be dead. If you die you have to do the fight again.

Work your way through the conversation options focusing on choosing renegade or paragon depending on what you want to level quickly. Be sure to check my guide to maximizing your renegade or paragon here.

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