Mass Effect 3 Insanity Difficulty Singleplayer Guide: Recovering Data from Mars


After you leave Earth to start your main mission Admiral Hackard contacts you and asks you to investigate what happened on Mars after they lost contact. In this mission you meet Liara T’Sori and recover valuable data to help in the fight against the Reapers.

Before You Start

Be sure to follow my guide to the easiest way to finish Mass Effect 3 on Insanity. You can find it here. I suggest you play as a vanguard and that you import a Mass Effect 2 character. More details in the guide. Be sure to use the 50 or so skill points to level up charge and nova as described in the guide above. Also be sure to put your squads powers in the quick bar at the top left.

First Meeting with Cerberus Troops

These troops are fairly easy to attack. Don’t shoot them first, charge the guy in the middle of the group to take advantage of the area damage of charge and nova. If you have followed my tips on setting up your character, charge should be ready immediately after you have finished the nova animation.

Nova is the main way you deal damage. I usually charge anyone in the group and then direct my nova towards the middle of the group I am attacking. This ensures that you stagger as many enemies as possible, stopping them from shooting you. Be sure to use overload of your teammates whenever it is ready because it causes a biotic explosion which also causes area damage.

Loading Bay Fight

be sure to level Liara T’Sori’s powers up before you start this engagement. She will have around 30 skill points to spend, depending on the level of your imported character.

The best way to get the assault troopers out of their annoying cover is to use Liara T’Sonie’s singularity. It took me quite a while to figure that out, and the intention of this part is to get you to use it. Before I realized I felt as though the assault troopers took much more of a beating than they should have.

After the fight look around the bay for a controls that let you raise a platform. They are called “Vehicle Lift Controls”. To the left of that platform are a few boxes that you can climb up and then use the platform to jump across to the top walkway.

Once you have walked though a door there is a minor fight with some assault troopers that shouldn’t pose any difficulties.

The Room with the Security Controls

This room has some interesting objects in it:

  • Data pad that rewards you with 75 experience for reading it
  • 1 Med Kit
  • 1 armor upgrade (Ariake Technologies Gauntlets)
  • A new pistol (M-4 Shuriken)

Long Hallway

After this room you get into a long corridor in which you find a fair few enemies. They are very nicely spaced out so they shouldn’t pose any difficulty. Be sure to kill all the enemies before the guardians because they are a pain to kill. Charge into them and once they stagger shoot them in the head. After the slow motion ends and they aren’t dead your charge is ready again and you can repeat the process.

Turret Room

Eventually you get to a large room that has a turret in it. The instructions that you are given are fairly straight forward. I found that if I pushed anything but w whilst pushing space Shepard does an annoying barrel roll that got me killed a few times. Once you are out of reach of the turret you can move around freely, even back into the area that the turret could shoot you in before. There are a few enemies in the control room, including a centurion. Be sure to use overload on the centurion whilst charging at him.

After you have killed everyone you trick the Cerberus troopers into sending a shuttle back towards you. There are a few assault troopers, centurions and guardians in the shuttle, but if you charge in immediatly after the doors open and then run towards the shuttle controls and start the shuttle they disappear as you enter the cut scene.

Once your shuttle has broken down and the other shuttle with the assault troopers comes towards you, when it stops you can charge into that shuttle. I had great fun hitting them out of the open door onto the surface of Mars.

Shuttle Bay

This room is full of enemies. It is the final major fight of the mission. Be sure to charge central enemies and place the nova towards the largest group of enemies. Remember to leave the Guardians to last and the charge and shoot them in the head over and over until they are dead. Also use overload as much as possible, even on enemies without a shield as it causes a biotic explosion when combined with charge as well as staggering them and nearby enemies.

Final Room

This last part is mostly story. When you talk to cerberus be sure to use the left conversation options “You’re wasting time!” when it pops up and subsequently the red or blue option, red for renegade and blue for paragon. This gives you an extra 5 renegade/paragon points.

Chasing and Killing Dr. Eva

In the chase you can’t charge Dr. Eva. However, you can fall behind and fail. I had no trouble keeping up, just be mindful of cover which can sometimes get you stuck.

When Dr. Eva runs towards you shoot her in the head until she goes down. You don’t have to take down all her health.

On the Citadel

Go to the hospital first. There a a few people that you can talk to which increase you speech abilities. After you are finished there be sure to look around the other floor before you go into Udin’s office. You find a few bonus missions as well as meeting James. After you have talked to the council be sure to look into every room. Just before you return to the Normandy near the elevator is an annoying woman from the press. You can head butt her to the ground which gives you 5 renegade points.

The next mission takes you to Menae to rescue the Turian Primarch. You can find that guide here.

Other Singleplayer Guides

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  3. Sherinz says:

    I agreed with using Vanguard on insanity, i finish all Mass Effect using vanguard. But insanity in Mass Effect 3 is ‘insane’. First to mid – late mid game is enough with charging – twice nova. Mid to late mid enemies appear in almost all direction not to mention combat is long before able to quicksave, but still able to flank – nova – charge – nova – cover – etc (cooldown better be 4 sec +- below for charge). Words of advice, don’t ever charge Atlas, Prime, Ravager. Don’t charge when nemesis is around or phantom barrier is up.

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