Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Human Vanguard Spotlight

Vanguard- The Most Aggressive Class in Mass Effect

One of my favorite classes to use in Mass Effect 3 is the vanguard. In Mass Effect 2 the vanguard offered absolute offence and continues action, and this has translated to mass effect 3 too. The vanguard is the perfect class for me, I aspire to be in the action all the time and never take a break from killing enemies left and right.

Reducing the Power Recharge Time

In Mass Effect 3 the biotic powers are much stronger than the weapons. I could finish a silver challenge mission without even using a pistol. The system were your weight determines the recharge rate of your powers is even more encouraging to only use abilities. However, if you max out one of the skills of your vanguard you get a weapon weight reduction and some free weapon weight. This allows you to use a heavy pistol without causing a penalty to the power recharge rate. It is capped at 200% reduction, so reducing your weight beyond the highest displayed bonus isn’t necessary.

Best Powers/Abilities

You will want to max out every skill except Shockwave which isn’t very useful. The powers that are best are charge, which recharges your barrier, and nova, which uses the barrier to deal area damage to enemies. The combination of charge and nova means that charge lets you power up your barrier and then use nova to kill enemies. With a 200% recharge reduction you will be charging within less that a second after you have smashed the ground with nova. The fitness and training enhances charge and nova by increasing your barrier strength and power damage and should be focused on after charge and nova.

When ever you are leveling a power look for the upgrades that decrease the recharge time, reduce weapon weight and increase the area of affect/how many enemies are hit. Especially if you charge into a group of enemies the stagger that you will cause with the charge and nova is key to surviving such a charge as it will stop them shooting at you for the duration of the charge recharge.

Vanguard Combat Strategy

Whilst the vanguard is designed to be very aggressive be sure not to overdo it. On bronze difficulty you don’t really need to worry even about the toughest enemies, I usually charge atlasses without any fear. But in the silver and gold challenge you will have to be selective about the groups of enemies you charge into. You don’t have to be scared of basic enemies such as Assault Troopers, Centurions and Nemesi but you shouldn’t charge Phantoms and certainly not Atlases mainly because they can kill you instantly. Those should be taken care of from a distance using powers. If you charge Guardians the will stagger and you have a brief moment to shoot them. It is long enough to kill them if you unload into their head.

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6 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Human Vanguard Spotlight

  1. Nabil says:

    I am finding vanguard to be an ultimately frustrating class to play. With this class I will completely carry my team usually scoring easily twice as many points as anyone else (I am using a build similar to yours where I am constantly charging or nova’ing). However in the later stages, especially if they are objective based, with this class I find that since my teammates don’t take the boss enemies down fast enough while I clean up the lighter enemies I have to help kill them which means I end up getting grabbed by a banshee/brute/atlas and getting insta-killed-no-revive and that apparently equates to a failed mission 90% of the time. That said this is a really fun class especially against geth.

    • bbom says:

      i noticed that to but i use the dobble nova and use it to move around them so they cant grab me but some times they do get me, but 2 Vanguard’s can kill evry thing in little time and it is not hard to take down a banshee/brute/atlas as long as it is 2 on one but if a second one comes in to the mix we tri to kill the first ASAP or back off and take the ranged aproch-
      also a very power full pistole can help whith AP rounds and the 6 shot burst sub mechine gun help a lot, but it dose not seem to help very much on gold-

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