Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Salarian Infiltrator Spotlight

In Mass Effect 2 the infiltrator was one of the easiest classes to play as. Mainly because of the cloak/sniper combination that let you duck into cover during cloak cooldown and get out of it in cloak whilst time was slowed so you could hit an accurate head shot. In multiplayer the infiltrator still has a cloak ability but it doesn’t get the time slow bonus.

Leveling Up the Infiltrator

The main power that you will want to focus on is the Energy Drain ability which will allow you to be aggressive. It recharges your shield by taking an enemies shield or barrier. It is very good when facing a combination of weak and strong enemies which lets you take the stronger enemies shield and kill the weaker enemies in between.

The tactical cloak is very powerful for taking four-part objectives, especially in the silver and gold challenges. Once leveled up through all the time extension bonuses it will last almost as along as it takes to capture objectives. That is the main use that your cloak should have along with using it to revive team mates out of sticky situations.

The salarian operative and fitness are, as usual, strong options and should be maxed out fully according to your preferences. The proximity mine isn’t very useful but can be handy when an enemy is hiding around a corner. It is the last skill that you should level up with whatever skill points you have left lying about after the major skills.

Infiltrator Combat Tactics

The Energy Drain ability lets you stand in the open and face multiple enemies at once. Be sure to use it on cooldown every time even if you aren’t facing opponents which shields or barriers. It stuns them for a few seconds allowing for easy headshots and when a vanguard charges or somebody else uses certain abilities on that enemy you can sometimes get a biotic explosion that will give you reward you with the kill as well as whoever triggered the explosion.

Be sure to watch the path less covered. Being flanked is the easiest way to ensure mission failure in mass effect 3. Most of the time your teammates will watch the area were most of the enemies are spawning, but leave their back and flanks open. If you cover those you can often carry a team to victory. As an infiltrator it is part of your job to use all of your abilities as much as possible and be an objective oriented player. Killing is a high priority too, much more so that assisting the main slayer which should either be a vanguard or soldier.

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4 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: Salarian Infiltrator Spotlight

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  2. Cloak , fire energy drain and then snipe…

    as we know cloak + sniper = extra dmg..
    cloack + energy drain = extra dmg

    but what about cloak drain snipe ??
    drain follows cloak so it WILL difinitely score some dmg bonus,,, but wil snipe also get it ?

  3. Hillerby says:

    I kinda disagree with the leveling into fitness. Whenever I use my Salarian Infiltrator I never put any points into fitness. I instead put points into the proximity mine for a makeshift grenade. It’s also useful because of the 25% damage plus on a target like an atlas because usually everyone is shooting at it and a 25% increase in damage from 4 people is a pretty big increase. And as a Salarian infiltrator, I level my cloak up for maximum damage and usage instead of length. And even then I’ve usually gone at the very least 5 waves on gold (with other people) without taking any damage. But this is just my opinion and you are entitled to your own.

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