Skyrim: Breaching Scurity (Killing Gaius Maro)

Getting Gaius Maro’s Travel Schedule

Be sure not to kill Gaius Maro whilst he is on the road or in small towns. You can find the travel schedule inside a building in which you first get a quest marker to kill Gaius Maro. Be sure to check that you are at the correct place by looking ta the map and hovering the cursor over the quest marker.

Killing Gaius Maro in a City

The best way to ensure this is to get Gaius Maro’s Travel Schedule, or so the game might make you think. I actually found that it was buggy and that Gaius Maro was never in the place the travel schedule said he would be in. It took me a few tries to meet him in a city. I just kept fast travelling to the town he was in until I got there whilst Gaius Maro was also there. Be sure to use a bow and arrow and be hidden whilst you kill Gaius Maro so that the guards don’t attack you.


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