Skyrim: Bound Until Death (Killing Vittoria Vici)

Killing Vittoria Vici at her Wedding in Solitude

After you have gone back to Astrid at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary she will ask you to kill Vittoria Vici at her wedding in Solitude to cause confusion. This will seem hard but it isn’t very hard at all. Find your way up to the top of the walls near the wedding celebration. If you are having trouble look at the video I linked at the end of this paragraph. Don’t bother with sneaking because to get a shot on Vittoria Vici you won’t be hidden. You get extra money if you shoot her whilst she is on the balcony above were she normally sits. I found the best way to get her up there is to wait for an hour again and again until she starts walking up. I used a bow and arrow to kill her. Afterwards be sure to run towards the quest marker as fast as possible. Once you are inside  the guards in Solitude will stop looking for yo and you won’t get a bounty.

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