Skyrim: Re-Specializing Character

Per default you cannot re-specialize your character after you have chosen a sex, race or perk. However, if you are playing on the PC you can use the console commands for re-specializing.

Changing Your Skill Level

You want to keep in mind that if you grant yourself bonuses the game is going to get more boring and you won’t feel as attached to your character than if you had acquired all your skills normally. The minimum health, stamina and magicka is 100. You can lower/increase these values by pressing the “`” button to open the console and then typing “player.setav health 100” to set your health to 100. You can do the same with stamina and magicka.

Adding and Removing Perks

The same code can also be used to change your sill levels. If the skill has a dash in the name type it without a dash. For instance the blade skills are written as “One-Handed”. To change them you have to write “player.setav onehanded 20” to change the skill level to 20.

You can add and remove perks by typing “player.addperk [perk id]”. To remove a perk write “player.removeperk [perk id]” You can find a full list of the perk ids here:

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

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