Skyrim: A Night to Remember (Deadric Quest)

Starting “A Night to Remember”

To start this quest you have to go to the Inn at Riften. If you fast travel to Riften and walk forward until you can see a bridge, walk over the bridge and the Inn is right in front of you. Inside you find Sam Guevenne near the bar. He has a black robe on and has long hair:

This is what Sam Guevenne Looks Like

Challenge him to a drinking game and play until you pass out. You wake up in a Temple. With every part of this quest you have a speech option to prevent having to do manual labor. I usually do not pass them, unless they are intimidate options, because I have never bothered to put perks into speechcraft because it is a waste of perks. In the temple you have to pick up litter which have quest markers.

The Investigation

During the investigation you have to find out what happened last night and find Sam to get the Sanguine Rose.

Ennis in Rorikstead

The first place you have to go to is Rorikstead. There you have to talk to Ennis. Here you have an intimidate option which will work depending on your strength as a warrior. Nothing bad happens if you try the option. If you can’t pass the option you are sent to recover a goat. It has a quest marker. Press the action button (E on the computer and I am guessing X or A on xbox) and it will follow you back. Once it gets into a certain radius withing Ennis he will tell you an extra bit of information.

Ysolda in Whiterun

Ysolda will ask you to recover the wedding ring from Witchmist Grove. You find a Hagraven there which is easy to kill. If you are struggling with her step into and out of her weapon’s reach whilst striking with your own weapon at the same time. This will avoid a lot of the damage she deals to you. If you still can’t kill her try getting better equipment. Here is a guide to full deadric armor and weapons. If that doesn’t help delay completing this quest or turn down the difficulty.


At morvunskar there are a lot of mages. Avoid getting into ranged combat because mages excel at that. Instead sneak up on them or distract them with the throw voice shout, for which you can find a guide here, or use the wabbajack to turn them into animals for a short period. Once you reach the last part which has some stairs and a whirling ball of color near it you can skip the fight by just walking into the ball of light. It will teleport you away and the mages won’t follow you. At this point you have completed the quest. Follow the path through the stunning scenery and find Songuine at the end.

Sanguine Rose

I tried out the Sanguine Rose which spawns Sanguine for a short time. I was around a level 40 character and Sanguine wasn’t doing much damage and tended to die instantly. I do play on the expert difficulty, but I can tank damage fine. The Sanguine Rose isn’t very good, but the quest is fun to play.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

Part 1:

Part 2:

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    This quest can also start at the inn in Whiterun. Maybe the quest giver is in every inn in each major town.

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