Skyrim: Purity of Revenge of the Companions Quests

In this quest you avenge the death of Kadlak who was killed during a forsworn raid. You also take back the shards of Wuuthrad that they took with them.

This quest mainly takes place at Driftshade Refuge which you can find south-west of Winterhold:

The Location of Driftshade Refuge in Skyrim

In it you find a number of forsworn. The only ones that will give you trouble are the forsworn that have shields and armor. The other die very quickly and don’t deal much damage. I also found that the enemies that do have shields tend to stand around and block you a whole lot. That makes them easy to kill as you can bash them without them dealing damage to you.

If you are having trouble with this quest I suggest that you sneak and use a bow and arrow.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

First Quest: Joining the Companions
Previous Quest: Retrieval
Next Quest: Glory of the Dead

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