Skyrim: The Eye of Magnus (Defeating Ancano)

“The Eye of Magnus” is part of the College of Winterhold Quest line in which you eventually become the Archmage of the College. You can find a full guide through all the quests here.

This is the final quest of the College of Winterhold. In it you will use the staff of magnus on the eye of magnus to defeat Ancano who in his power lust is using the eye for his own gain.

Gaining Access to the College

There will be a field around the college which you won’t be able to enter when you return from the Staff of Magnus quest. Use the staff of magnus to absorb the field’s magic and you will be able to enter the college.

Defeating Ancano

Ancano will initially be invincible. However, after you are facing him alone, the eye of magnus will open. Use the staff to absorb the eye’s magic. Once it is closed again you will be able to attack Ancano and kill him. Eventually the eye will open again, but as long as you kill him fast.

I found that the best way was to use the staff on the eye and strike Ancano as often as possible. If nothing happens continue to use the staff on the eye. If Ancano takes damage, continue.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

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