Skyrim: The Staff of Magnus at Labyrinthian


You can find Labyrinthian south-east of Solitude and south-west of Dawnstar.

The Location of Labyrinthian

In the outside area of Labyrinthian you will find frost trolls. They are tough to kill, especially for a lower level character. I suggest avoiding them by sneaking around to avoid hazardous encounters.

Blue Fog and Door Puzzles

Every know and then there will be blue fog coming towards you from a door or passage way. It will take all your magicka and usually be accompanied by a strong opponent. This is why I recommend the use of close quarter combat.

There are many side caves that you can explore in Labyrinthian. So many, in fact, that often times I wasn’t sure what was the way forward for the quest and what was a treasure location. The blue fog is a good indicator of that you are going the right way.

Sometimes you will run into doors that are magically sealed. At the base of the door you will either find some ice or fire. You will have to get rid of the seals by using the opposite power, melt the ice with fire and cool the fire with ice. If you haven’t learned the required spell there will always be a spell book nearby. If you are having trouble locating the spell books I suggest you look at the video below as it shows their location.

Killing Mokorei

This is another dragon priest that only uses ranged magical attacks and thus will always try to stay away from you.

But first, I found that the best way to kill the mages that are feeding the shield is to sneak up on them and stab them in the back. Both of them died in one hit for me.

The best way to deal with enemy mages is to use a poison that damages magicka or lightning spells. Poisons don’t work on dragon priests therefore the best option is to use lightning spells if you are set on using magic. However, because Mokorei deals out a lot of damage it wouldn’t be wise to use magic. I found the best way to deal with him is to either use a bow and arrow and retreat behind a large rock whilst reloading an arrow or tanking and using a sword. You will want to keep an eye on your health making sure to retreat in time to heal.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

The videos are broken up into two because otherwise it would have been 30 minutes long.

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