Skyrim: Hitting the Books of College of Winterhold (Retrieving Lost Books)

For this quest you have to Fellglow Keep. In case you want to travel there without starting the quest first you can find it south-south-west of Winterhold and south-west-west of Windhelm:

The Location of the Fellglow Keep


In Fellglow keep you are going to run into a lot of enemy mages. Against mages it is best to use a sword that absorbs magicka because the only other weapon they usually have is a dagger. It is also quite easy to pick them off with a bow because they don’t have very good armor. Sneak around the place and surprise attack them to instant-kill them 99% of the time.


Killing The Caller

The Caller will teleport around in the room after you have dealt some damage to her. She will also use frost spells to slow you down and set you on fire. In retrospect I should have used a potion to increase my resistance to frost damage because of the slowing effect it frost damage causes.


I wish I could give you more information, but this quest is very easy. Thus as a bonus today I will publish a guide to the best warrior build. Once I have I will link it below. To make sure you don’t miss it subscribe to my blog in the side bar.

Best Warrior Build


Full Walk Through YouTube Video

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i only found 2 books in the room I killed the caller in. Where can I find the other books? I already looked through the entire location with no luck.

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