Skyrim: Best Warrior Build

For a close quarter warrior it is best to use swords because they offer the most mobility which will allow you to evade enemy blows. In addition it is best to use heavy armor because you can tank much more damage with it if you don’t avoid a blow in time.

Important Perk Trees

The most important perk trees are one-handed and heavy armor because those two skills are going to define how strong your character is in combat.

One Handed

In one-handed the Armsman perks are essential because they are going to allow you to do much more damage. Because of the use of one-handed use the Bladesman perk because dealing critical damage is very good. However, most of the other perks are fairly useless because of the limited total perks that you can spend. You can find a guide to fast level one-handed below:

Fast Leveling One Handed

Heavy Armor

All of the heavy armor perks are very useful and I suggest you use all of them. You will want to go up the left side of the perk tree very quickly because of the Conditioning perk which will erase all negative effects that heavy armor has on movement and combat. This perk is the main reason to use heavy armor over light armor because light armor does not offer any advantages. You can find a guide to fast leveling heavy armor below:

Fast Leveling Heavy Armor

Secondary Perk Trees

You are going to want to use a sword in one hand and healing in the other so that you don’t have to constantly switch equipment around. Granted the shield offers more protection, but if you have to constantly bring up the favorites menu to change to healing and back to the shield your gameplay will be much slower and less enjoyable.


You should use healing magic as often as possible instead of using a potion. Not only is the magic free, but it will also level up restoration. Speaking of which, the only perk you will ever need in restoration is the first which lets you cast novice level spells for half magicka. The healing spells that are higher level do heal you much faster, but it isn’t worth the perk investment they need to be usable. You can find a guide to fast leveling restoration below:

Fast Leveling Restoration


Sneaking in itself isn’t very useful with a warrior build because you will be very easy to detect once you get closer to your enemies, but the Light Footed perk is very useful as it lets you avoid worrying about pressure plates that will trigger traps. You will still set off some traps, such as soul gem traps, but you won’t even notice the majority of the traps. To level sneak quickly be sure to crouch around a lot, when an enemy is nearby and you are crouched you level up sneaking. You or the enemy has to be moving though.


The best armor in skyrim is the armor that you make yourself. There are two options to go through the smithing perk tree: the right and left side. The left side will offer light armor and the right side will offer heavy armor. However, the best armor is dragon armor which has both light and heavy armor. Thus you don’t have to worry about the any other armor. The best weapons are deadric weapons. Thus you will have to go down the right side of the perk tree. You can find a guide to creating the best possible armor and weapons as well as a guide to fast leveling smithing below:

Creating Dragon Armor and Deadric Weapons

Fast Leveling Smiting


Enchanting is very useful because it can make you a lot more powerful. However, enchanting an object is final so you will only want to enchant a weapon or armor after yo have leveled enchanting up to 100. After that I recommend that you use a spell to absorbs magicka, health or stamina on weapons and spells that increase your primary skills as well as boosting health and stamina. I have found an amulet that increases your magicka, health and stamina by 30 points. It is very useful and the quests are very fun to complete. The only perks that I found useful is the middle line of perks which make skill enchantments better. The last perk (the one that requires level 100) is the most useful perk because it will let you put two enchantments on equipment. You can find a link to those quests as well as a guide to fast leveling smithing below:

Forbidden Legend

Fast Leveling Smithing

Full Guide YouTube Video

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  1. Denice says:

    I’m more than happy to find this great site. I need to to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely really liked every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your site.

  2. Some Guy says:

    Actually your wrong. My armor rating is over 600. Just thought id throw that out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      There could still be a cap for physical damage reduction at 567(80%) whether or not you build your armor rating higher.

      • 72 Mavrick says:

        Wouldn’t know. I am a warrior and not a madge. I love high ranking wepons and armor. I can’t even get on due to the Steam angle most times. Tried 20 times tonight and the fact that microsoft has abandoned Vista hasn’t helped. You can get technical about armor ratings but around 333 makes me fell like a god. Can someone friend me? Never had. Wish I had just bought a game I could play on my computer lick the old oblivion, but all the home made adons seem great.

      • 72 Mavrick says:

        For my tricks like to pull a staff with an extra ajitant and a horse like thunder. Togeather we seem to beat most bosses but deleiting my wepon sometimes throws me for a loop.

  3. Goodmongo says:

    Actually, the maximum armor rating is 567 which can be reached with either light or heavy armor. The 567 armor rating means that you stop 80% of all physical damage and is a cap. The difference is that you reach this cap easier with ehavy armor and can reach it without taking the 25% bonus for all heavy armor.

    To reach the cap with light armor requires the 25% perk and you smithing the dragon armor taking advantage of smithing enchanted gear and potions.

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