Skyrim: “Forbidden Legend” at Germund’s Hall (Gauldur Amulet Fragment)

You can find Germund’s Hall south-south-west of Windhelm and north-west of Riften:


Germund’s Hall is a part of the Forbidden Legend Quest line. You can find the first two amulet fragements in Saarthal and in Fulgunthur. Saarthal is part of the missions “Under Saarthal” of the college of Winterhold. The guides for the mages quests are starting tomorrow and under saarthal is one of the first quests of the series so I will link that page below once I have published the guide. I have already written the guide for Fulgunthur and you can find that link below.

Guide through Fulgunthur

Germund’s Hall has two main bosses, one draugr boss and Sigdis Gauldurson. It also has a puzzle that was a little difficult for me, but it is fairly easy when you know what you have to do. I have produced a video walk through of this dungeon which you can find at the bottom of this page.


Animal Pillar Puzzle

Fairly early on in Germund’s Hall you will run into a cave that has four signs at the entrance showing different animal symbols and then a curved cave that has four pillars that you can turn. The symbols at the beginning give away the secret, as usual. You will have to match the order of the pillars to the order of the symbols at the entrance. The first pillar on the left cave side has to be the eagle, the second the fish. On the right side the first has to be the fish and the second the snake. Once you have ordered the pillars pull the lever to the right of the lowered gate.


The Draugr Boss and Lowering the Bridge

You meet this boss around a corner in a fairly tight cave. You can’t strafe him easily sideways so I decided to strafe in and out of the reach of his sword to avoid getting hit by him. There is plenty of space behind you to retreat and heal yourself with magic. Once you have killed this boss you will run into a raised bridge and an obvious lever to pull. That one will only cause spikes to come out of the side of the wall. Instead whilst standing next to that lever and looking at the raised bridge turn around 180 degrees and you will see a second lever that will lower the bridge.


Killing Sigdis Gauldurson

Sigdis Gauldurson will rise out of a coffin. Make sure to get at least one hit on him so that you will be able to tell which one is he later on. Sigdis Gauldurson will vanish right after he has stood up fully and four of him will appear behind you on different raised platforms above the small lake. If you successfully took some of Sigdis Gauldurson’s health you will easily be able to tell which in is the real one because he will be the only one with less than full health. They perform annoying force shouts that will cause you to fly around the place, don’t worry it won’t instant kill you. You will have enough time to get a few hits on him before he will disappear again. Keep finding him based on his lowered health.

If you find that you are taking too much damage I do suggest that you go and kill the copies, I am pretty sure he won’t disappear until you have dealt at least some damage to him. If you find that is incorrect feel free to leave me a comment below so that I and other people know as well.


Full Walk Through YouTube Video

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3 Responses to Skyrim: “Forbidden Legend” at Germund’s Hall (Gauldur Amulet Fragment)

  1. D says:

    I find a constant problem is that his pissy little clones seemingly instant kill me right before the punk undead is about to go down its seemingly amazingly well timed too, I have useable shouts to take this douche and are only lvl 25 with focus in my armor smithing and one handed weapons…. rather specifically…..

  2. Thomas says:

    Well if you are tricky you don’t even need the lever in order to get past the first bridge just get near the edge and jump at the right edge of the bridge and walk around on the ledge to get fully on it. As for the boss try to him him with “Marked For Death” if you have 100 Sneak just shot the clones (they are one hit kills, Playing as a level 65 on Master Difficulty) then focus one or two hit’s on him he’ll disappear repeat till he dies (after about 5 or 6 shots) Best part is they won’t shout at you cause they can’t find you.

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