Skyrim: Daedric Weapons and Dragonscale/Dragonbone Armor

Level Smithing Up

Firstly you will need level 100 in smithing. You can find a guide to fast level smithing by clicking on the following link:

Fast Leveling Smithing


Collecting the Required Items

You will need the following items to make the armor and weapons:

Dragon Scale Armor (Full Set):

10 Dragon Scales (usually a dragon drops 3)

8 Leather Strips

4 Leather

5 Iron Ingots

Deadric Sword:

1 Deadra Heart

2 Ebony Ingots


Finding the Necessary Items

You can find links to the shout locations with dragons guarding them below:

Northwind Summit

Autumwatch Tower


Bonestrew Crest

Mount Anther

Dragontooth Crater

Skyborn Altar

Ancient Ascend

Eldersblood Peak

The daedra hearts are harder to collect. There is one in the basement of Jorvaskr (the home of the companions in Whiterun) but if you do want to make any more than one deadric item you will need to find more of them. The best way to collect as many as possible is to go to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. However, to enter you will have to go to the museum in Dawnstar and complete Silus Vesuius’s Quests. You can find the shrine here:


Full Walk Through YouTube Video:

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