Skyrim: Northwind Mine (Word of Power: Seek of the Aura Whisper Shout)

The Northwind Mine is south south east of windhelm and north north west of Riften:

Northwind Mine

There are only 3 or 4 skeletons in  the Northwind Mine. There is a trap after you have climbed the wooden assembly. It is at the first bent of the cave. The trap drops stones.

Northwind Summit

There is a dragon at the Northwind Summit. Luckily there are small cottages that you can hide in, but be careful the roofs have holes in them. If the fight turns out to be fairly difficult, there is a Blood Dragon that you have to kill, use the huts as cover and shoot the dragon with bow and arrow. For me the fight was fairly manageable so I decided to tank the damage and wait for the dragon to land and then flank it so that it can’t hit me with it’s breath.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video:

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