Skyrim: Shriekwind Bastion (Word of Power: Grace of the Elemental Fury Shout)

Shriekwind Bastion is fairly easy to get through and is fast is you use the south entrance. That is where I entered the Bastion, it can be found here:

If you do happen to go into the north entrance this dungeon will just take you much longer. Keep following the cave until you reach a large, circular cave which has walkways upwards. You will have to leave and enter this cave multiple times because were you need to go is up the top and there is no direct way up there. Once you are up the top keep following the cave higher and higher up.

At some stage you will run into a room that has three handles in the middle. You can use all of them, but the one closest to the lowered gate nearest the formation of the handles which will open said gate. In there you find pulleys. The middle one will lower the gate behind you, but the other two are used to either go back the way you came or go forward. Both of those are gates.

You will probably come past the south entrance, which is were I entered. Keep going up and you will eventually find a master vampire. Kill him and keep going. Eventually you come to a room that has a circular path at the back and it seems to be a dead end if you aren’t observant. You can find the way up if you keep looking at the inner wall of the circular path and eventually you are going to find a small door which leads to a well that has stairs up. Follow the stairs up and you will get to the cave that has the word of power in it. The is a Draugr in there, but he is alone and should be fairly easy to kill.

YouTube video:

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