Skyrim: Shearpoint (Word of Power: Voice, Fool and Far of the Throw Voice Shout)

Shearpoint is guarded by a dragon who can be killed like any other dragon by either lowering the difficulty and tanking the damage or seeking cover and gradually shooting him out of the sky with a bow and arrow.

It is also guarded by Krosis who has huge amounts of health and can cause a lot of damage on hard difficulties. You can either lower the difficulty or you can attack him until your health is low and then hide behind a tree or some stones or a small heap of dirt and recover your health by using potions, magic or the natural health regeneration. The  latter is very slow though so it might make you very bored. Shearpoint can be found:

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  1. After several attempts to defeat Krosis, I gave up. Instead, I approached the wall of the Word of Power from the opposite end of where Krosis’s stone coffin lays. I heard, rather than saw, the lid open up. I learned the word of power, all while cowering and hoping that Krosis wouldn’t come around the corner. Then I ran for everything I was worth back to my horse, and took a blast of magic to the back, then jumped on my horse and got the heck out of there.

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