Skyrim: Fulgunthur (Word of Power: Freeze of the Frost Breath Shout)

Fulgunthur has two fairly easy puzzles. Fulgunthur can be found here:

The first is a little weird because I hadn’t found the in-game solution for it, I just had to do it with trial and error. This process was simple enough, but I have been there before hand and I remember that it was a little harder. Maybe it randomizes either the position of the pillars or the order, nevertheless I found that, from left to right, the image showing outwards of the semi circle arrangement that the pillars stand in has to be Eagle, Fish and then Snake. Let me know if this worked for you, I would be interested to know. I had to turn the middle pillar once and the pillar that is closest to the pillar about one whole turn and one or two third turns.

Later you run into two lowered gates and four levers. I found that you have to pull the two foremost leavers, that is the levers that are furthest away from the two lowered gates.

In Fulgunthur I did find a whole new quest, you have to collect three amulets, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to look at the first I collected to find out whether or not that quest is worth it, but I will be sure to write a guide for that quest later and post a link here. The other two amulets are not in Fulgunthur.

YouTube video:

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  1. Will Mibb says:

    The in game solution is in the room on the other side. Go back out to the room with the two thrones and the gate leading down. pull the lever beside the throne on the right it will take you to a duplicate room that shows the solution

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