Skyrim: Dead Man’s Respite (Word of Power: Fury of the Whirlwind Spirit Shout)

Dead Man’s Respite is one of those dungeon’s that previously had me stuck and I couldn’t solve the puzzles there. But luckily this time around I had better luck and I shall share what I found below. Firstly though here is the location of Dead Man’s Respite:

The only real problem I had is getting through the magically sealed door. Whilst you are going through Dead Man’s Respite there is a ghost who you can occasionally see in front of you. Eventually you find him sitting down and just looking at you. A corpse lies at his feet and it is clutching King Olaf’s Verse. Once you take it, not only read it, but take it, King Olaf disappears and, once you get to the magically sealed door, will open the door.

YouTube video:

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