Skyrim: Elder Knowledge

This dungeon is a very long one. Sometimes you will be faced with a large group of enemies that are very hard to dispatch and someties you will run into them one by one.

Often times if you make sure that you sneak around a fair bit you can surprise Draugr that are lying in their death beds and kill a couple of them before they can even react to noticing you and a 4 on 1 situation suddenly becomes a 2 on 1 situation which is much easier to handle.

When you are in a fight with 4 or 5 enemies you want to make sure that you keep checking your health. I have noticed that often times when I am just fighting I get surprised by falling over dead not noticing how fast my health was dropping.

In a group situation you will want to try and minimize the amount of enemies that can hit you at once. A good way of ensuring this is to maneuver in such a way that one of your enemies is behind another which means that the cut off enemy then has to flank. If you keep moving around to the side and attack the group where it only has one opponent sticking out often times you can avoid being hit and surrounded by a lot of enemies.

When you get to the end of this quest you will be faced with a puzzle. You will have to make your way up to the control area:

One you get up there you will have to find the stand to the left of the control panel when you are facing towards the large sphere. Insert the cube into the stand as shown in the picture:

The first button (see image below) should be lit up. If it isn’t press this button until the second button lights up. Once it is, start pressing it until the third button lights up. Then move on to the third button and press it until the fourth button lights up. Once the fourth button lights up press it once to retrieve the elder scroll from the crystal egg that will be lowered to the top of the large sphere in front of you.

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